Apple fixes bug that could cause macOS Monterey to brick Macs with a T2 security chip

Several Apple users have reported that the macOS Monterey update has caused their computers to brick since its release. Rene Ritchie reports that Apple has provided this statement to him citing an issue in the firmware of the T2 security chip.
We have fixed an issue in the Apple T2 security chips firmware that prevented some users from starting their Macs after installing macOS. The latest firmware has been added to the macOS updates. Apple Support can be reached for assistance if you are affected by this issue.

It is not clear what models are affected, which settings are at risk, and how many users are affected. MacRumors was able find at least nine MacBook Pro and iMac owners tweeting that their devices wouldn't start up after the update. Although it is good that they are able to reach Apple Support for assistance, it is not clear if they will be able retain any data stored on affected devices.

Since its introduction in 2018, the T2 security chip is now found in many Apple computers. You can see the complete list here. Apple claims that an updated firmware to fix the issue has been included in all macOS updates. Some trackers have noted that a refreshed BridgeOS 6.0 software, which runs on the T2, is out today. So it shouldn't be an issue for any of these machines.