Aaron Rodgers Says He Took Ivermectin To Fight COVID After Consulting W/ Joe Rogan

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Aaron Rodgers said that he contracted COVID after a week of being sick. He consulted Joe Rogan, and decided to get ivermectin as a treatment to combat the virus. This was in response to the advice given by Joe Rogan.

The Green Bay Packers star shared his home-based, coronavirus-fighting strategy on Friday's "The Pat McAfee show"... he said he had decided to take a similar cocktail to what Rogan took earlier this year after speaking with the 54-year old.

Rodgers stated that Joe Rogan was a good friend and that he had consulted him after he received COVID. He recommended a lot of stuff in his podcasts, and he has been recommending a lot of things to me."


"I feel pretty amazing," said the NFL player. "I have been taking monoclonal antibody, ivermectin and zinc.

Rodgers stated that he felt COVID symptoms starting Tuesday. He was tested positive for the virus Wednesday and then started feeling sick on Thursday.

However, the 37-year old said that he feels great now.

McAfee, and A.J. also heard Rodgers' controversial vaccine stance. Hawk... admitted that he didn't get the shots despite his August claims to have received them.

Heres the video on August 26th when Aaron Rodgers was directly asked if he had been vaccinated pic.twitter.com/kskQDRpWi8 Chancellor Johnson (@ChancellorTV) November 3, 2021 @ChancellorTV

Rodgers claimed he didn't lie and explained that he was "immunized" because he had taken natural steps to boost his immune system.

Rodgers stated that he was allergic to Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and didn't want to get the Johnson & Johnson because of reported side effects.

He stated that he was not anti-vax or flat-earther, but he felt the forced vaccination of people was wrong.

Rodgers actually quoted Martin Luther King Jr., saying that "You have a moral duty to object to unjust laws and rules that don't make sense."