A couple selling Prince Charles' former estate for $6.7 million say its next buyer must be OK with the royal stopping by to fish

Brimptsmead Estate in Dartmoor National Park, Devon, England. Knight Frank
Prince Charles purchased an estate for a couple. He is legally permitted to fish on the property.

Brimptsmead is located in Dartmoor National Park and is currently for sale at $6.7 million.

Knight Frank stated that Charles can legally continue to fish on the estate if he gives 24 hours notice.

The couple who bought an estate from Prince Charles 27-years ago are now trying to sell it, but they say the next buyers will have to accept that the royal can fish there.

Insider was told by Knight Frank's representative that Brimptsmead is in Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England. It is for sale for 4.95million, which is approximately $6.7 million.

They also stated that the building was built in 1906 and has been owned since then by the Duchy of Cornwall. According to their website, this estate funds "the public and charitable activities of Prince of Wales and his families."

The listing states that the Edwardian house has six bedrooms and seven reception rooms. It also includes a party barn. The house also features a 26,000 clay-tile roof, 120 handcrafted leaded light-mullion windows, polished granite floors and oak paneling.

The listing states that the 9.22-acre estate includes two cottages and paddocks, woodland, and a bank of River Dart with fishing rights. It also has direct access to the Moor.

Charles was able to retain these fishing rights even though the property was sold in 1994 due to a legal quirk. Insider was told by Knight Frank that a quirk from the previous ownership allowed Charles to keep the right to fish on the riverbank of the property as long as 24 hours notice was given.

They also mentioned that Brimptsmead has seen many famous visitors over the years, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the creator of Sherlock Holmes) and Percy Fawcett (a well-known archaeologist).

They stated that the estate was surrounded by a national forest still owned by Cornwall. This makes the sale of a freehold property in the area a rare opportunity.

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CNN reports that the couple have not received any visits from the British heir to the British crown, but it is still within his legal rights.

Clarence House did no immediate respond to Insider's request.

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