Shure launches its first hook-free wireless earbuds

Shure introduced its first wireless earbuds, the Aonic 215 at CES. The company also released its second-gen model this September. However, both pairs come with earhooks. The company now offers a true wireless earbud model that is more traditional than the ones you would expect. The Aionic Free is the name of the new model. It may not be as large as its competitors, but it's hook-free.
With its foam buds and angled design, the Aionic Free prevents noise from entering your ears. The Aionic Free can be used for seven hours, and the carrying case can hold up to two full charge for a total of 21 hour battery life. Fast charging allows for up to an hour of playback in just 15 minutes.

With a single touch on the earbud, you can adjust volume and playback as well as make calls. The company's app allows you to modify button functions. You can also customize the sound level of Environment Mode, adjust notifications, and play standard or hires music. Shure's Aionic Free can now be purchased at retailers and on the company's site for $199.