Twitter makes it easier to search tweets from specific accounts

Twitter's new search button has been added to profile pages. This makes it easier for users to search tweets. Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, noted that the search button was initially only available for a few users last month. However, XDA Developers has announced that the feature is now widely available in the iOS services app.
Twitter's new feature of being able to restrict a search to one user's tweets isn’t new. The same result can be achieved by entering the format from [Twitter handle][search term] into the regular Twitter search box. For example, if I mention the word keyboard in my tweets, you can tap the search icon and type:

From:jonporty keyboard

This button makes it a lot easier. This could come in handy if you need to locate an article that someone tweeted about months ago, but you don't know the details.

Twitter's recent additions to its service include the new search button, which is just one example of the many new features that Twitter has been adding. The platform launched the ability to allow iOS users to super-follow Twitter accounts. This allows them to access bonus content created by the platform's creators. Twitter opened up the possibility for anyone to host an audio-only Space chatroom in that same month. Twitter Blue subscription, as well as Communities are two other new features.