DJI Launches New Mavic 3 Drone With Longer Flight Time, Improved Cameras and New Safety Features

DJI today launched the Mavic 3 drone, a follow-up to its Mavic 2 drone. DJI claims that the Mavic 3 is the "most complete improvement" to the Mavic line-up in three years. It features performance improvements for all functions.

The Mavic 3 foldable drone is similar to its predecessor. It features a dual camera system that includes a 28x hybrid zoom lens, a 24mm Hasselblad lens equipped with a 4/3 sensor, and a 24-mm Hasselblad lens. The Hasselblad lens is capable of capturing 20-megapixel still images, 5.1K video at 50 frames/second, and 4K video at 120 frames/second for slow motion footage.

This improved image sensor has a higher resolution video and reduces noise in low-light environments. It also features an adjustable aperture from f/2.8 to 11 and a variable aperture. For zoomed-in shots, the secondary camera features a 162mm Telephoto lens with an aperture of f/4.4. Mavic 3 Cine is a Mavic 3 version with Apple ProRes 422HQ encoding. It comes with a 1TB SSD.

The Mavic 3 has omnidirectional obstacle sensors that have a range of 200 meters. They include six fish-eye sensors as well as two wide-angle sensors. These sensors can be used to avoid objects in complex environments.

ActiveTrack 5.0 has been upgraded to provide better tracking. The Mavic 3 also uses a positioning algorithm that integrates signals from GPS and GLONASS satellites. A drone pilot can be alerted by the integrated AirSense system about other aircraft and helicopters. Geofencing alerts are available for sensitive areas.

Thanks to improved motors and propellers, the new batteries can provide up to 46 minutes flight time in ideal conditions before needing to be recharged. For faster top speeds, the Mavic 3 produces 35 percent less drag than previous models. The Mavic 3 also features a new Return to Home system, and an upgraded transmission system that allows for clearer video transmission in difficult conditions.

The Mavic 3 will be accompanied by several accessories, including a smart controller with extended transmission distance, an external fast charger of 65W, a Convertible Carrier Bag, a wide-angle lens with a 108° field of view and many more.

DJI is selling the Mavic 3 online, starting today. Fly More Combos with additional accessories and batteries are available at $2,199 for the standard version, while the $2,199 Fly More Combo is $2,999. $4,999 for the Mavic 3 Cine Premium Combo. This includes a 1TB SSD and Apple ProRes422 HQ video recording.