Brembo’s ‘intelligent’ brake system could apply pressure to each wheel individually

Brembo, a high-end Italian brake manufacturer, announced its intention to release Sensify in October. It is an AI-enhanced ABS system that promises driving pleasure and safety. It replaces hydraulic brakes, traction and stability control with electronic controls for greater design flexibility and possibly more precise control.
It is not a new idea to incorporate AI into vehicles. Algorithms control playlists and maps, driver assistance, and even self driving to different degrees. However, AI-based brake systems are sufficient to raise eyebrows as to how they will work and enhance safety.

They are only as good and as valuable as the training data they have.

J. Christian Gerdes is an engineer professor at Stanford University and the codirector of the Center of Automotive Research. It is difficult to predict what the case will do if it doesn't see it before.

Autocar UK reports Sensify uses a dedicated app to program its own car based on data. This is in order to improve the driving experience. It will use sensors and predictive algorithms to create a digital brain that can control each wheel independently.

Gerdes states that anti-lock brake systems are only a band-aid for wheels locking up when they are subject to heavy braking. It would be more sensible to understand what is happening at each wheel. Then to intelligently ask for different brake forces at each wheel.

According to Brembo chief executive Daniele Schillaci, despite the digital footprint of AI and Sensify the physical mechanics are more prominent than the software in Sensify. According to the exec, the software and mechanic contents will soon be equal and by the end the decade software will dominate braking systems.

To further its digital strategy, the company will open a Silicon Valley technology lab by the end. Brembo stated that data collection is used to improve driver experience and allow the system to be continuously updated. However, it is not clear how the company will handle privacy and security questions.

Sensify's advantages include adapting to your driving style, weather conditions and locking times that are shorter. Brembo claims that its system is more cost-effective over the life of a car. It removes brake fluid and adds electromechanical control. A better control of regenerative brake can reduce the size of an electric or hybrid car.

What happens if the hardware fails in an AI brain? Brembo demonstrated the system in a demonstration for Autocar UK. The two ECUs (electronic controller units) are connected to provide fail-safe, but they send separate commands.

It is expected to be available in 2024. Brembo stated that the system is designed to work with multiple types of cars, including sedans, racecars and SUVs as well as commercial vehicles. However, it is not clear how much each type will need to be modified.