QB Dak Prescott will start for Dallas Cowboys vs. Denver Broncos

Marcus Spears strongly believes that Dak Prescott should play against the Broncos, if he is healthy enough. (1:20).
FRISCO (Texas) -- This week is calm: Dak Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback, will take on Sunday against Denver Broncos.

Prescott stated, "Safe to Say."

Prescott was unable to play last week due to a right-calf strain that he sustained in the Oct. 17 victory against the New England Patriots. He suffered the injury while completing his overtime touchdown pass to CeeDee lamb.

Cooper Rush led the Cowboys' win over the Minnesota Vikings by throwing for 325 yards, two touchdowns and a run with the winning score to Amari Cooper, who was only 51 seconds away from the end of the game.

"Last week was great to Coop come in and to keep the momentum rolling when it wasn't," guard Zack Martin stated. "But [Prescott] looks great, and he looks ready for anything."

Prescott stated that he is "pretty close to" 100 percent. Prescott said that he was "pretty close" to 100 percent after taking his first practice snap Wednesday. He then wondered if it was the right decision. He stated that he would continue his warm-up to avoid any setbacks.

Prescott stated, "I don’t want to be older because I’m only six years into the thing. But as I gain more experience, I spend more of my time taking care and maintaining my body." "Just being very purposeful in this. I feel good. Outside, I don't think about the leg. I don't think about the leg, but only the game plan and how I am preparing."

Prescott stated that watching from the sideline was an entirely different experience and was initially disappointed that he didn't play against the Vikings.

"Every chance that you get to get out there, you don’t get many of them. You want to seize it all. Prescott stated that he was able to get over the situation quickly in the same way. "I understood the perspective. "I knew the direction we were going and it was a long road. We are a team that can play for long periods of time. We can play to that last game so that was something I kept in mind when making the decision.

Did the Cowboys have a way to keep him out of trouble for just two games?

He said that they had their two-week bye, so we will give them that. Prescott has thrown for 1,813 yards, 16 touchdowns, four interceptions and at least three touchdowns in six games. This is a Cowboys record.

What are Prescott's expectations of Sunday, after missing a match?

He said, "Be better." "That was my expectation going into everything. I feel like I've had two great days of practice. I plan to continue getting better, stamp the final touches on the game plan, and go out there and do better than I did a few weeks ago against the Patriots.