Steve Sarkisian understands fan frustration with Texas Longhorns' 4-4 start

Steve Sarkisian, eight games into his tenure as Texas' head coach, didn't anticipate to finish at 4-4. He understands the frustrations of fans. He said that he didn't find the Texas job any harder than he thought.
Sarkisian was 46-35 when he signed up for the job. He had previously worked as a head coach at Washington State College and USC between 2009 and 2015. "I believe that's something. Having had head-coaching experience at two other high-profile universities, I understand the expectations, the challenge, the environment that you are in, and that allows me to be a little more comfortable in that arena.

Sarkisian expressed optimism about his Longhorns' prospects at the Big 12 media conference in July. He stated that "we have a roster that can more than capable of competing at a high-level" and that they were "a little better" after losing three games last season by a total 13 points.

Texas was the first to score 10-point lead in the second quarter of the match. This streak has been ongoing since Kansas in 2006. In the fourth quarter, Texas was outscored 55-10 by Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Baylor. Texas is ranked 105th in total defense with 432.4 yards allowed per game. Texas' run defense ranks 118th with 205 yards per match.

Sarkisian stated Thursday that he also recognized the frustration of our players without them winning close games. But he said that he could assure you that no one is more frustrated than us. Our players are more frustrated than anyone else. We know how close we are to our frustration.

Texas has lost four consecutive games in a single season since 1957. This happened only three times: 1997, 1998, and 1988. Only the second time in 18 games between these two teams, Iowa State will be at home against the Longhorns on Saturday. The Cyclones won both of the previous two games in Austin, 23-20 in last season and 23-21 in 2019, respectively.

Sarkisian stated that he believes that the Longhorns are close to a breakthrough and aren’t far away.

He said, "We might not be getting what we want right away." "But our guys turn up every Saturday and perform. We need to do better in critical moments, particularly late in the game. However, I won't discount the fact we always come prepared and ready to go on Saturday afternoons."