Best places to buy a refurbished phone 2021

Everybody wants the best Android phone, but not everyone has the budget to pay full price. While some people will happily pay retail price, others want a discount and refurbished phones are one way to get them. It's not as easy as just walking into a shop and asking for one. It takes some research and understanding to buy a refurbished smartphone. We have all the information you need to help you navigate this market and make the right decision when purchasing a new phone. What does "refurbished" actually mean? Although the term "refurbished" is often used interchangeably, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is a standard term. It may be used interchangeably with "recertified," or "reconditioned," or even just "open box" or "pre-owned". It refers to a product manufactured to sell as new, but returned by the customer, store, reseller or customer to the manufacturer and is now available for sale again. People are attracted to them because they're available at a discounted price. Although the terminology may change, the concept is the same. Sometimes, refurbished devices can be returned to the manufacturer or simply opened up and shipped back to them for any malfunctions to be corrected before being sold again. Depending on where you are shopping, most products that have been opened, possibly without being removed from their packaging, or turned on, cannot be sold as "new". They must instead be refurbished. The device can't be sold at the same price as new phones, so resellers and stores will have to offer discounts. It's difficult to determine the reason for a phone becoming refurbished or how it was certified as such when you are shopping for one. How to shop refurbished
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Refurbished phones can be difficult to find out which route it went through in order to get there. Even though you might have the phone in your hand, you might not know. There are some great tips that you can follow when looking for a refurbished smartphone. If possible, buy from the original company or a reputable shop. They can ensure that your phone works in its best condition and offer the most efficient refurbishing.

When possible. They will do the best possible refurbishing and can guarantee that your phone is in working order. Check to see if there is a warranty for the refurbished phones. While some manufacturers offer a full warranty on refurbished phones (mostly third-party warranties), others don't.

For refurbished phones. While some manufacturers offer a full warranty on refurbished phones, third-party warranties are not common. Even though it might be difficult to find, make sure you read the fine print. Refurbished or open-box phones tend to be sold "as is," with no return or refund options.

Even though it might be difficult to find, Many refurbished phones or open-box phones can be sold "as-is" without the possibility of returns or refunds. Be aware of the age of your device. Sometimes, companies will not sell refurbished phones but rather a model a few years older. Although it may seem attractively discounted, a lot of the discount is due to the fact that it is old.

You're looking for a new phone. Sometimes, companies will not sell refurbished phones but rather a model or two that is older. Although it may seem attractively discounted, a lot of the discount is likely to be due to the fact that it is old. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. A retailer might be selling a "refurbished" late-model phone at half the price, or even less. Although refurbished phones are cheaper than new ones, they won't be bargains.

Amazon is the best place to purchase refurbished smartphones. The section with refurbished smartphones is packed full of incredible deals. Amazon offers a great selection of refurbished smartphones, whether you don’t want the latest and greatest, or you do. Amazon

Where to Buy Refurbished

Here are some great places to find refurbished phones that have been recertified or opened-box. Gazelle If you've ever thought about selling your phone, Gazelle is a name you may have heard. Gazelle offers instant deals on smartphones and other devices, pays via Amazon gift cards or PayPal, and then refurbishes any devices you send to be sold to another person. It's not just a way to make quick money on old tech. This site also recycles gadgets, which helps reduce e-waste. Gazelle can be approached with confidence as a buyer. Each device is subject to a rigorous certification process that ensures no one gets a lemon. There's also a 30-day return policy for any reason, which is better than what most carriers offer on new phones. Gazelle offers seasonal deals that will bring down the price of your refurbished tech.

Gazelle Gazelle refurbishes, sells and buys smartphones from consumers. It also offers the most recent models of iPhones (plus the best of Google and Samsung) There is a limited variety of brands, but great selection among the most well-known. Gazelle

Amazon Warehouse The Amazon Warehouse section does not offer refurbished phones. It does offer a wide selection of open-box devices, which are phones that have been purchased by someone else and returned in a fully functional condition. You've been there. After buying a product, you realize that it's not right for you. You might not like the software or find that your carrier isn't compatible with the unlocked phone. No matter what, you have the right to return your device within the time limit. If it isn't, someone on Amazon Warehouse will gladly order it for you. These devices are not damaged or defective. It's more or less like purchasing a new device at a slight discount.

Amazon Warehouse Amazon Warehouse does not technically sell "refurbished" phones. It sells used and opened products that have been returned to them in good condition. However, Warehouse offers more recent-generation models. Visit Amazon

Best Buy Almost everyone can find a Best Buy close to their home. While the company offers a wide range of new phones in its mobile section with a decent selection, there are also a number of less-than-new models. Best Buy, like Amazon Warehouse, sells a lot of pre-owned and open-box devices as well as certified refurbished models. You're more likely to find the best deals for refurbished or pre-owned devices than open-box ones. However, they will usually be less expensive than full retail because they are generally newer. Best Buy's main advantage is its close proximity. You can often pick up an open box phone from the local stock. If you don't want to worry about porch pirates, they can either ship your phone directly or keep it at your closest location.

Best Buy Best Buy offers discounts up to 30% on refurbished, pre-owned and open-box phones. These deals are especially great as they typically come with devices that have been opened and returned. This means that you will often find newer models of phones on sale than older models. Check out Best Buy

Back Market The best thing about Back Market is its transparency with customers. Back Market works with repair technicians and refurbishers to offer phones at a variety of price points and conditions. Ratings are listed for everything, from the phone's physical condition and the amount of ewaste that you will save by purchasing a used device. All Back Market devices come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a minimum of 12 months warranty. Flash sales are a regular feature at Back Market that offer amazing savings on smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, and computer peripherals.

Back Market Back Market is a marketplace that works with phone refurbishers. The listing provides information about the refurbishing process and details about any damage. You also get free shipping and a guarantee. Check out Back Market

Verizon If you are thinking of buying a new phone, or an old one, it is likely that your carrier will be the first to contact. Verizon offers a limited selection of certified preowned devices online, but we mean very few. You won't find pre-owned devices in brick-and-mortar Verizon stores. If you do find a deal, however, Verizon's certified used phones come with a 90 day warranty to give you some assurance about your purchase.

Verizon Verizon certifies pre-owned devices but there isn't a lot of choice and it isn't always the most affordable. It sells only pre-owned Samsung phones or iPhones. You can feel a little more secure by buying certified devices from Verizon. They will ensure that you get a working device, and offer a 90-day warranty. Visit Verizon

T-Mobile T-Mobile is not one to be outdone, and offers a selection of pre-owned smartphones. T-Mobile, however, keeps a small number of useful devices in stock, just like Verizon. However, the company backs all devices with the same 90-day warranty, even if they do have them in stock. To ensure consistent quality, every device must pass an 80-point inspection.

T-Mobile Magenta sometimes offers certified pre-owned devices at steep discounts. However, stock fluctuates frequently (sometimes to the extent that no phones are available online). This warranty is usually limited to Samsung or LG phones, if they are available. It offers a limited warranty of 90 days for certified pre-owned devices. However, this warranty is not available to Verizon customers. The device must pass an 80 point inspection before it can be offered. T-Mobile

AT&T AT&T is similar to T-Mobile in that it has a very limited selection and won't sell pre-owned devices. You have a better chance of finding a great deal on compatible unlocked phones from one the other sites.