Microsoft warns Windows 11 features are failing due to its expired certificate

Microsoft started warning Windows 11 users about the fact that some features of the operating system are not loading due to an expired certificate. Microsoft has warned that Windows 11 users may not be able to access certain apps such as the Snipping Tool or touch keyboard.
Although a patch is available to address some issues, it is currently in preview. This means that you will need to manually install it from Windows Update. The patch, KB4006746 will fix issues with touch keyboard, voice typing and emoji panels. It also fixes problems in the tips and getting started sections of Windows 11. This patch can be found in Settings under Windows 11.

Microsoft must still fix the Snipping Tool

However, Microsoft's patch does not address the issues with Snipping Tools app. Microsoft recommends that you use the Print Screen key to fix the problem with Snipping Tool. After copying the screenshot, paste it into your document. To select and copy the desired section, you can also paste it in Paint.

These issues are not known to affect Windows 11 users. We haven't been able replicate the Snipping Tool issues on multiple patched systems. Verge readers who are experiencing problems reported that they were able to change their system date back to October 30, and then launch Snipping Tool again to fix it. Once the app loads, you can change the system date.

An expired certificate may also cause problems with the accounts page under the settings section in Windows 11. It is not known when the Snipping tool and S mode issues can be resolved. Microsoft states that we are currently working to resolve the Snipping Tool and S mode-only issues. We will update you when more information becomes available.

Microsoft's latest Windows 11 issues are just two weeks after it issued a patch to improve AMD CPU performance. In certain games, a bug caused Ryzen processor performance to slow down by as much as 15%

Updated November 4, 2015 at 1:25 PM ET: Article updated to include Snipping Tool workaround.