Capital One Lounge DFW Airport Review And Critique

The very first Capital One lounge DFW Airport opened on Wednesday. It was only a few weeks ago. It is a wonderful space. The design was thoughtful and there are many details. The best thing about this space is the food, which was not only good enough for an airport lounge, but also really good. I hope it grows and becomes sustainable because you'll want to go back.
You will find the lounge at gate D22 next to American Airlines Flagship lounge. This is the same space that was previously occupied by many foreign airline lounges. After passing through a small reception area, you will take an elevator shared with AA Flagship to the next level.

The Capital One Lounge DFW Airport

You will find the lounge just right of gate D22. The elevator will take you to the American Airlines Flagship business lounge and Capital One lounge DFW airport. Once you are upstairs, the Flagship lounge is to your left and the Capital One lounge to your right.

Elevator Lobby

A grab-and-go market is located right next to the entranceway. It offers interesting sandwiches, juices, and salads. The restrooms are also located near the entranceway. These private rooms are great for a quick refreshment and privacy.

The lounge is well-equipped for quick drops in between flights. It also has a bar, shower, workout and relaxation areas, as well as a private area for nursing and multifaith prayer rooms.

For longer stays, I found it impressive that they have a daily music playlist. This means they don't repeat the same songs. The lounge smell was pleasant and not overwhelming.

The lounge boasts stunning apron views and lets light through the small wall of glass that overlooks the tarmac into all the other areas. The lighting is excellent with great attention to detail. There are backlighting behind the seating areas as well as soft lighting from the ceiling. It is well-designed.

Lounge views

You will find a variety of seating options throughout the lounge. Some are more open than others, while others are more private. There are plenty of outlets (sometimes hidden at the floor level of furniture) and many touches such as hooks on tables to hold handbags.






There is only one shower room in the lounge, which I fear is not sufficient. The Peletons are right across the street, so it's a wonderful experience. You can also use the personal shower wipes in the bathroom if you need them, but nothing beats a full-size shower.

Shower room

First, I looked for bath amenities. While I understand the need to reduce single-use toiletries bottles and I support wall-mounted shared bathrooms, I hate them. Capital One does exactly what major hotel chains should do: it offers single-use, environmentally friendly packaging.

Shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel are packaged in a water-soluble container. The encasing will dissolve in your hands when you get it wet in the bathtub. This is a novel idea that makes me want to take a shower in the lounge. The lounge check-in desk allows you to reserve a time slot.

I was unable to see the cabinetry, but Im told that it is being added. This will allow guests to store their luggage and also provide hangers for clothes while they shower.


The relaxation and exercise areas offer some of the most beautiful views. You will find a room with two Peleton bikes right next to the showers.

Exercise room

Relaxation area

Lounge Food And Drink

The quality of the food and beverages in the lounge was truly amazing to me. This is the first lounge, and you have to impress guests if you want to get in. Even though I had to do an impressive job, I was still amazed at how delicious the food is here.

Everything is served individually as individual plates and not as a buffet. Even the trays that you are given have a unique design and weight. There is nothing disposable about this experience.

The quality of the ingredients was also shockingly good. They used good cheese and carefully smoked bacon to make the mac and cheese delicious. I hate cheap, thin, and dry bacon. It's something that can be found in many restaurants and hotels. I would love to take the bacon home from the market.

Bikimbap is an affordable dish in South Korea, so it might make sense to serve it. They use good beef in theirs. In years past, I haven't seen beef in Centurion lounges.


Bibimbap and Mac & Cheese

Pot pie is delicious. There's also a separate selection of cold foods and desserts. The food will be changed quarterly. However, dishes might be updated subtly to include more root vegetables or replace the dish completely if they prove popular.

They also had cold dishes that were delicious, and they have the best baklava I've ever seen.

Cold products

Bresaola & Cheddar

Do I need to mention that they also have dessert?

Breakfast will include breakfast tacos, fruits, grains and yogurt parfait, although I have not tried it.

The bar has a similar approach to cocktails and good spirits, but not the most expensive. They also offer interesting craft cocktails. The frozen Irish coffee was delicious. You can also get upgraded wine by paying in half-bottles, but they don't allow you to use Capital One miles for the cost (a missed opportunity).




They have more than just soda machines. They also offer soda on tap, and not just cola. You can also get root beer, ginger ale and lemonade.

Here's the cocktail menu:

Here's the wine list

Let's zoom in on half-bottles and spirits for an additional charge:

Grab N Go Food and Beverage

Capital One has done many interesting things to its design. The lounge's restrooms are located near the entrance. A Grab n Go area is also available that looks similar to a small grocery store. You can get sandwiches, salads, and juices to take on board your flight.

This is a big plus in a lounge that offers self-serve beverages. However, you should make sure you don't have any small bottles to take with you. Capital One has placed both these items near the entrance for quick in-and out. I don't usually arrive at the airport until the last minute and would appreciate having access to a clean restroom and snack options. Although it is a lounge for long-stay travellers, this is more than that.

It is possible that you will ruin it. Just look at the British Airways first-class lounge guests who were caught on video pouring 20 beers into a bag to carry with them.

Maybe putting grab n go near to the front of the lounge might make it harder to abuse the perk by making it more shameful (since it's hard not to see). This is just a quick reminder that we don't get nice things because I love the concept.

Capital One Lounge DFW Airport Access

The lounge is now open. Capital One Venture X cardmembers have unlimited access to Capital One airport lounges. This includes 2 accompanying guests. So do no annual fee additional cardmembers on Venture X accounts.

Capital One Venture cardholders and Spark Miles cardholders receive two complimentary visits at Capital One airport lounges each year and a $45 discount per visit thereafter. Anyone can access these lounges, regardless of whether they are Capital One cardholders or not, for $65 per person.

The same-day boarding pass is required. This I assume is to limit crowding. Otherwise, it would be an easy task for both the airline and airport employees. This lounge will not be available to non-revs.

Capital One has made major investments in travel. These include the introduction of miles transfer and a new booking portal with Hopper. The lounge should be linked to their travel products (Venture, Spark Miles portfolios). For a while, there have been rumors about Capital One entering premium card territory. We won't have much time to speculate as the first lounge will be open soon.

It is not clear how this will scale or how they'll be able maintain the quality of their service. It's a difficult task, but Plaza Premium Group has an experienced partner to help them run their lounges. My experience is that the best time to visit a lounge is when it's new and before it becomes too popular.

After guests leave the lounge, they receive a cakepop. We appreciate you stopping by.

I look forward to their opening in Denver and Washington Dulles lounges.