Arlo’s new security camera keeps watch over LTE or Wi-Fi

Arlos' new LTE-powered security camera is a good choice if you are looking for a camera that can monitor areas without Wi-Fi or that will still keep an eye on your home internet. The $250 Arlo Go2 LTE/ Wi-Fi camera features full HD video recording (though storing it to the cloud will require an additional subscription), weather resistance and a swappable, rechargeable, and replaceable battery.
The original ArloGo was considerably more expensive at $400. It didn't support Wi-Fi so you couldn't use your cellular connection to backup your home internet. Also, it only recorded in 720p. The second generation has a 1080p resolution, which allows for a better view of the action. Arlo claims that the batteries can last for up to three months using cellular and up to eight months using Wi-Fi. However, this will depend on how frequently the camera is activated.

Arlo also added GPS to Go 2 (to help find it in large areas or if it is stolen), and a spotlight to allow you to see nighttime events in brighter colors. The audio has been upgraded so you can have a real-time chat with someone in front of your camera instead of the radio-like push to talk system of the first generation. It's basically the same camera as Arlos Pro 4, but it has a greater focus on being able put it wherever there is cell service.

Arlos Secure Subscription is required if you wish to access recorded footage or use the cameras person/animal and vehicle detection. However, the camera comes with a three-month free trial. The basic service costs $3 per month for one camera or $10 per month for unlimited. An additional $15 premium option includes emergency response. The Go 2 can record to microSD cards if you don't want to subscribe, but you won't need to take it out every time you want. Another advantage of the Go 2 is its ability to be placed in remote locations.

The Arlo Go 2 can be placed anywhere you like, but to make full use of it, you will need a subscription.

Subscriptions are becoming more common with cameras. However, it is important to note that in order to use LTE capabilities of the Go 2, you will need to pay a monthly fee. The camera will be available from Verizon, which is the only carrier that it launches with. It will cost between $5 and $20 per month to add the camera to a shared plan or unlimited data, depending on how many you want. Arlo says that the Go 2 will be available on more carriers in the future.

The Go 2 isn't up against traditional smart home camera manufacturers, despite these caveats. You get a lot for the price and the convenience of having a camera anywhere you go.