Nintendo cuts Switch sales forecast due to global chip shortage

With 3.83 million units shipped between July-September, Nintendo's Switch sales were relatively slow. This is a significant drop from the 6.86 million units that were shipped in the same time last year. To date, Nintendo has sold 92.87 millions Switch consoles.
Nintendo claims that the prolonged impact of COVID-19 as well as the global semiconductor shortage has created a state of uncertainty. It is revising its Switch sales forecasts for the fiscal year by 1.5 million units. The original estimate was for 25.5 million consoles to be sold between April 2021-2022. However, the company now expects that figure to rise to 24 million. Nintendo has not changed its revenue expectations and expects to make 4 percent more operating profit than it previously anticipated. This revised forecast includes revisions to exchange rates and higher software sales.

The Switch could easily surpass the Wii in lifetime sales in this holiday quarter, to put it in perspective. The Wii is Nintendo's most beloved home console and has sold 101.63M units. In contrast, Nintendo sold 11.57M Switch units last October through December. The Switch is still a handheld console, but it trails the Game Boys 118.69M units and the 154.02 Million accumulated by the DS.

Nintendo does not have a large selection of holiday games, but the previously-released Metroid Dread (and Mario Party Superstars) will be included in this quarter's figures. Remakes of Pokmon Diamond, Pearl and a Legend of Zelda-themed Game & Watch are the most anticipated releases. A remake of Advance Wars has been postponed to spring 2022.