Notability exempts current users from subscription fees after backlash

Ginger Labs, a developer of Notability, announced today that its popular note-taking app would not require users to move to a subscription model. Two days ago, the developer had announced a new subscription model in which existing app owners would have to subscribe to a $14.99 per month subscription if they want to retain the same features. This announcement comes only two days after Ginger Labs announced a new subscription model.
Notability reversed its Monday pricing announcement, and today posted a blog update addressing current customers.

All users who purchased Notability before the switch to subscription on November 1, 2021, will have lifetime access all features and content.

After upgrading to the 11.0 version, existing paid users won't have to pay for the subscription plan. These users will also be able to keep the features they have purchased from the Notability shop, such as unlimited editing and iCloud sync.

Many long-standing users expressed disapproval at the new subscription model and they quickly changed their minds. Although the company admitted its error and offered its sincere apologies to customers on its blog, it is possible that the reason was not genuine. 9to5Mac claims that the company may have changed because of a violation to Apple's App Store guidelines. The App Store review guidelines contain a clause at section 3.1.2(a), which states that paid customers must keep all functionality from the app they purchased.

It is not unusual for note-taking app developers to change pricing. Evernote is an example of a popular app which recently changed its subscription model. Subscriptions to Evernote and Notability may bring in more revenue. It also places existing customers in a precarious position where they might decide to migrate. Today, at least one developer may take advantage of Notabilitys slip-up. GoodNotes 5 is now on sale for $3.99 instead of $7.99.