Y: The Last Man Showrunner Details Hopes for 5 Seasons

Pia Guerras Verti and Brian K. Vaughan go comic series Y. The Last Man, which ran 60 issues for six years. It is a lengthy, sprawling, epic story, which Hollywood was unable to adapt over the years. Eliza Clarks was the showrunner who finally made it happen after many failed attempts across multiple media. FX on Hulu ended the series before Clark's full version was complete.

Clark stated that television's best season is five, which Clark said to Polygon a few month ago. That was the plan that was already in motion when the show was abruptly cancelled last month. FX was forced to make an unwise decision regarding renewing the show, she stated in a recent interview with TV Insider. It was not a creative decision. FX liked our season two pitch. I believe we can find another home for the show. There is so much more to be told.

Clark also suggested that her second season plan would be different from season one's meticulous world-building nature. She said that the second season is set to be very fun and stimulating. The first season was a lot about the people they will become. They're changing by the end of 10 episodes. Next season, it's about becoming that person.

Clark spoke with Vulture about the show, and gave some teases about where the second season would take place. She explained that Kimberly (Amber Tamblyn), and Christine (Jess Salgueiro), will be creating an almost-religion centered around Yorick. Noras (Marin Ireland), the new leader of the Daughters of the Amazon, will view Yorick as a threat. And that 355 (Ashley Romans), and Allisons' (Diana Bang), intimate night could lead into more, which could prove confusing for Yorick. In the writers' room, we discussed how grief and scrambling are the first stages of the apocalypse. Clark explained to Vulture that the second stage is sex. There's a way that the second season could be exciting, expansive, and queer. We have let go of our past identities and now live in the present.

Clark is currently in talks with other streaming and network companies to see if he will be able to continue the story. The first season is available on FX and Hulu. You can also read our interview with Ashley Romans about the series at this link.

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