Cleveland Browns' Baker Mayfield 'surprised' by Odell Beckham Sr.'s critical post, says he hasn't heard from OBJ

BEREA, Ohio -- Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns quarterback, admitted that he was shocked by Odell Beckham Jr.'s comments on social media. He said he hasn’t heard from the Browns receiver ever since.
He wants his son to succeed naturally. Mayfield stated that he can't fault him for this. "I want Odell's success. This is where we were -- or so I thought.

Beckham may have seen his last game with the Browns as Andrew Berry, his representative, is discussing the next steps with Beckham.

Beckham was not allowed to attend Wednesday's practice. This was one day after Odell Beckham Sr. posted an Instagram video highlighting instances when Beckham didn't throw the ball to Mayfield when he was open. Odell Beckham Sr. also made other comments. He responded to the post with three green check marks. It stated that Mayfield was either hating Odell or just not wanting him shining.

Beckham Sr. also replied with #bigfacts to a post calling Mayfield "mediocre."

Mayfield laughed at the claim that Beckham has not been in his path this season. "I've had talks with his dad before, face-to–face. "I would lie if I said otherwise."

ESPN was informed by a league source that Kevin Stefanski, Browns coach, told players that Beckham is not currently on the team. The two sides were still working to a solution, which Michael Silver first reported.

Beckham could still seek reconciliation with Mayfield, and Beckham would be allowed to return to Browns if Beckham so desired.

Mayfield stated, "If he is back, then we can work through it and take whatever steps necessary." I can let my pride and ego go to win. Because winning is all I care about. If we don't win, we'll continue to play with the men we have. Those guys will be able to trust me and know I'm there for them.

Mayfield was asked if he could trust Beckham again and said that he would first have to discuss the situation with Beckham before he could answer the question.

Before Wednesday's afternoon practice, Stefanski stated that Beckham had also not spoken to him in the last 24 hours.

Beckham caught one pass for 6 yards during Sunday's 15-10 loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Beckham was again targeted by Mayfield late in the game. However, the wide receiver reached for the ball with one arm and did not make the catch.

The Browns' passing game has been struggling in recent weeks. They are now 4-4 and last in AFC North. Mayfield is 27th in QBR (42.2), and only six touchdown passes. Beckham is 151st in QBR (42.2) and ranks 139th in route runs with receptions per target.

Both players have suffered shoulder injuries during this season.

Mayfield stated that "a lot of this frustration and tension that's build up" is because "we're not playing the way we should."

Mayfield stated that he spoke to Jarvis Landry, a Pro Bowl wide receiver, about the incident. Landry is Beckham's closest friend.

"We didn’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to draw that line between them at all. Mayfield stated that this is not what she was trying to accomplish. "Jarvis wants the same win as me. These are the men we need right now to focus.

Beckham and Mayfield have had a difficult relationship since Beckham was traded to the Browns during the 2019 offseason. According to ESPN Stats & Information research, they have ranked 57th among 62 quarterback-receiver teams with at least 125 targets. They rank 59th in completion rate (55%) as well as 60th in off-target percentage (27%). Beckham has been overthrown by Mayfield on 27%, which is the third-highest rate of all quarterbacks and receivers since 2019.

Sunday's matchup between the Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals is set.

Mayfield stated that preparing for a game in the midst of drama was "unfortunately" a part of her job. You want to eliminate distractions, but you also want to make the most of your teammates. I believe the most important thing is to help the guys around me. It is crucial to be able to focus on football again. This is a very special thing.

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