Here Are The Times Aaron Rodgers Suggested He’s Vaccinated Against Covid (He’s Not)

Wednesday's news that Aaron Rodgers, the Packers quarterback and the reigning NFL MVP, had tested positive to Covid-19 was a shocker for the sports world. He had not been vaccinated and despite making a few public statements suggesting that he supports the Covid health guidelines.

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers' player reacts to his win against Washington Redskins. [+] at Lambeau Field in Green Bay on December 8, 2019, in Green Bay. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images). Getty Images

The Key Facts

Rodgers criticized politicians for not wearing masks or following Covid guidelines in January. He said on The Pat McAfee show that they were hypocritical and "not even adhering to their own rules." Rodgers stated to reporters during the NFL preseason in August that he was "immunized against Covid-19." However, he quickly followed up that comment by saying that he would not criticize any teammate who chose to stay unvaccinated. He called it an "interesting issue" Rodgers' comments that he had confirmed that he was vaccinated prompted a number of high-profile media outlets to publish stories. Rodgers did not attempt to discredit the claims. Rodgers was reportedly seen sitting on the sidelines of games without wearing a mask. This is allowed by the league for those who have been vaccinated, but not for those who are not.

What we don't know

Rodgers petitioned the NFL to allow the "homeopathic treatment" that he had received from his doctor to be counted as a coronavirus vaccine at some point during the summer. According to the NFL Network, Rodgers had his antibody levels raised by his personal doctor. After "a long back and forth," the league refused to accept Rodgers' treatment. The widespread acceptance of homeopathic medicine as pseudoscience is common.

Surprising Fact

According to Ian Rapoport, the NFL Network, Rodgers didn't deceive either the NFL nor the Green Bay Packers about the issue. Both knew for a long time that Rodgers had not been vaccinated. Rodgers was also following Covid guidelines while at the Packers facility for unvaccinated athletes, which included wearing a mask.

Important Background

Although the NFL has established strict guidelines for executives and coaches, players are not required by law to be vaccinated. This is because their union refused to permit such a mandate. The league does not disclose publicly which players have been vaccinated. The NFL claims that 93% of its players had been vaccinated before the start of the 2021 season. Only a few players remain unvaccinated. Some, such as the Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins or the Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley have chosen to publicly disclose their status. Beasley has repeatedly criticized the league's restrictions on unvaccinated players who can't go to sporting events, bars, concerts and other venues. Anybody caught doing this could be fined.

What to Watch

Rodgers will not be able to attend Sunday's Kansas City Chiefs game. He could return to the team on the 13th of November, which is the day before the Packers game against the Seattle Seahawks. However, Rodgers would have to be asymptomatic in order to return so early. This is not known at the moment.


Forbes' 2020 list of World's Most Highly Paid Athletes ranked Rodgers 45th with $21.1million in salary and wins, plus another $9 million in endorsement deals. Rodgers was dropped from the list in 2021.

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