Apple's Craig Federighi Says Sideloading on iPhone Would Open the Floodgates to Malware

Craig Federighi, Apple's chief software engineer, reacted today to the proposal in Europe's Digital Markets Act to require sideloading of Apps outside of the App Store.

Federighi, speaking at the Web Summit conference held in Portugal, stated that sideloading would lead to the "floodgates opening" for malware.

Federighi stated that, while the Digital Markets Act serves an "admirable purpose" to encourage competition and ensure users have choice, sideloading would be a step backwards that removes the user's ability to choose a more secure platform in iOS than Android.

Federighi stated that "As an engineer, I want iPhone to be as secure as possible for users," and that the provision that would allow sideloading on iPhone is what worries me. Federighi stated that this provision would remove the user's option of a safer platform in exchange for giving them more options.

Federighi addressed the common suggestion that Apple should at minimum give sideloading options to users. He argued that even though users may not intend to sideload, they can be routinely coerced or tricked in this way.

Apple shared many of Federighi’s points in a detailed document last month.

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