Aaron Rogers has COVID — turns out he was a galaxy-brained doofus all along

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers QB1, has been tested positive for COVID-19. He will miss Sunday's game against Kansas City Chiefs. But that is not the most important Rodgers story.


Rodgers seems to have misled, lied and dodged well, with his August press conference lie about his vaccination status. Rodgers replied, "Yes, Ive been immunized," to a question regarding whether he'd been vaccinated.

He was vague in his statements and then said, "I like to learn about every thing that I'm doing and there was a lot more research that went into that." Assuming, as he implied that he was learning about the vaccine he claimed he had received.

Although he could theoretically have been immunized from a previous infection in the past, using a term that is widely accepted as a synonym for vaccine in response to that question honestly didn't raise any suspicions. This was the case until this morning.

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Ian Rapoport, NFL Networks, reports that Rodgers was following the protocols for unvaccinated athletes while in the building, and is actually unvaccinated.

The NFL protocol for unvaccinated players includes daily COVID testing, indoor mask mandates and severely restricted interaction, including no eating with teammates. There is also a ban on leaving the team hotel while traveling. Although Rodgers has not been wearing a mask at postgame press conferences, it is not clear if he has followed all of these protocols. However, we know that Rodgers attended a Halloween party this weekend without a mask after videos were posted to Twitter and other platforms.


He said that there are some guys on the team who have not been vaccinated. This is an interesting topic that we will see play out throughout the season.

ESPN reported that Rodgers also petitioned the NFL for an alternative treatment before he returned home to the Packers. This would have allowed him to be treated the same way as someone who had received one of the approved vaccines.


Green Bay's controversially drafted backup quarterback Jordan Love will play the game against Patrick Mahomes (and his struggling Chiefs team) in Kansas City. This will be Love's first appearance with the Packers.