Ford electrified a classic F-100 truck to showcase its EV motor kit

Chevy isn’t the only vintage car that can be electrified with aftermarket EV motors. Ford's F-100 Eluminator is a pickup truck that was built in 1978. It features two Eluminator electric motor kits. The F-100's powerplants are taken from the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition and produce a total of 480HP as well as 634lb/ft torque. Ford did not discuss performance benchmarks and range, but it is safe to assume that you could drive some sports cars with this kind of power.
There are more customizations than the EV motors. The truck features a vertical center-stack touchscreen by the Mach-E. Although it may look like a classic truck this is not.

This concept is not available for purchase, as you may have guessed. Ford wants you to buy the $3900 Eluminator motor that will power your project car. Ford hopes that eventually it will supply all the necessary components for an EV retrofit. If you have the funds to do the rest yourself, the motor would be your best option. However, this does hint at the future when many of your favorite combustion engine cars could get a second chance through an EV transplant.