Amazon’s inexpensive Air Quality Monitor plays nice with Alexa

Amazon's latest smart home device, the $69.99 Smart Air Quality Monitor is a tiny puck that measures half the size as the Amazon Echo. It monitors the quality of your home's air and keeps you informed. It can monitor your home's temperature and humidity as well as the presence of dust, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds.
The Smart Air Quality Monitor's Alexa integration is a key selling point. You can ask any Alexa-enabled device for an update on your home's air quality at any time. Trends can also be viewed via the Alexa app and an Echo Show. The Smart Air Quality Monitors temperature sensor is compatible with Alexa Routines. It can trigger smart thermostats, ceiling fans and blinds that help regulate a room's temperature. It can also issue alerts via the Alexa app or Echo devices if there is a problem. This will let you know that you might want to open a window, for instance.

The Smart Air Quality Monitor's low price is the main attraction, aside from the Alexa integration. It is almost half the cost of the Netatmos Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor for $119.99, and it is cheaper than the $89 Awair Glow C smart plug for air quality monitoring.

Smart home manufacturers are focusing more on air quality. Dysons' latest fans include air filters that remove pollutants such as smoke and pollen. Google also updated its Nest Hubs across the US earlier this year to provide data about outdoor air quality. Ikeas have joined the fray with a smart purifier built into a side table. It also has an air quality sensor. A well-lit, efficient heated home is the ideal smart home. But it's becoming increasingly important to have good air quality.

Amazon's Smart Air Quality Monitor can be preordered today in the US, Canada and France for $69.99 / 69.99/ 79.99. It is expected to ship in December.