Of All the Video Game Remakes, Why Not 'SSX?'

In the mid-2000s, arcade-style sports games enjoyed a large following. These games, which included Tony Hawks Pro Skater and many iterations FIFA and NFL titles, had a lasting impact on players. Many continued to play their favorite games, or saw remakes or remasters. SSX, a popular snowboarding game, was released just 20 years ago.
SSX, a brand-new title under the EA Developer umbrella, was the first title released by EA Sports Big. The game was well received by all and won several awards including the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' 2001 Console Game of the year.

There were several sequels to the franchise, and a complete reboot was released in 2012 to positive reviews. Fans seem to have had mixed reactions. SSX has not been talked about much since. In recent years, a number of other popular games from the PlayStation 2 era were remastered or remastered, including Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2, Dark Cloud and many Grand Theft Auto titles. Why not SSX?

It is clear from talking to fans that certain elements attracted them to this series. Matt Paprocki is a freelance writer and game-collector. It felt new. SSX was a new way to showcase next-generation hardware, compared to Cool Boarders and 1080 Snowboarding. Its systems and all associated games were removed from SSX. Super accessible design.

As any player will know, nostalgia and a love for games can last for many years. SSX has a lot of nostalgia for Flora Eloise (cofounder of Epilogue Gaming),

Nostalgia? This is the name of my SSX game. Growing up in a poor household meant that I rarely got a Christmas or birthday game. Even though there were some issues, I still have a fond memory of the games. SSX is however one of those rare games that I believe still holds up in terms of design and mechanical quality. It's as enjoyable to play today as it was back then. I can confirm that with nostalgia goggles or not.

SSX is a well-known name in players' memories. Players still reach for the PlayStation 2 to play the game, despite the bright graphics and the emphasis on fast gameplay. Paprocki claims that he often returns to the original SSX as well as its sequel, SSX Tricky. When time allows, the discs are loaded up a bit more often. Let me just say that SSX is always in rotation when I boot up the Xbox or PS2.

With fond memories of the game, how do players feel about a future remake or remaster? Fans were unanimously in favor of the remake. Chris Alaimo runs the YouTube channel Classic Gaming Quarterly and said, "It's a shame that we haven’t seen a new entry to the SSX Series in a long while." My fondest memories of the original game are from playing it, so I would love to see a remaster for modern consoles. But, to be fair, any new entry would probably be a one-time purchase for me.