BLACKPINK call on world leaders to actually do something to tackle climate change at COP26

Although there were many calls to action and speeches at COP26 this past year, this Blackpink one stands out.
In February, the U.N. named K-pop's biggest stars as ambassadors of goodwill for the 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference is currently taking place in Glasgow (Scotland). BLACKPINK was invited by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a COP26 advocate. They've posted a number of highly-popular YouTube videos about the conference and called for climate change action, including one that was co-created in partnership with the British Embassy, Korea. They spoke at the U.N. Climate Ambition Summit in 2020 and performed at YouTube’s Dear Earth event.

Lisa, Jisoo and Ros call for climate action in their respective areas. They also appeal to world leaders to take action at the conference, as they posted their latest video to their 69,000,000 subscribers.

Jisoo says, "As the world's leaders gather to discuss the climate crisis, we hope that you will take the necessary decisions to save our planet now, and for all future generations."

Ros says that six years ago, Paris was the place where you made a promise to do exactly that and limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. "The U.N. Panel on Climate Change recently warned that this chance may be in danger."

Jisoo says, "We don't want to get there." "The most important thing here is that everyone takes responsibility because it won't happen without collective action."

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