Best cheap wireless earbuds 2021

Android Central 2021: Best Wireless Earbuds at a Cheap Price
Prices for earbuds can vary widely. Most earbuds you hear about are very expensive. There are still great budget options, like the Creative Outlier Air V3, that offer exceptional battery life, incredible comfort, and excellent sound quality. We've also done extensive research to find the most affordable wireless earbuds that fit any budget and style.

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The Outlier Air V3's battery life is unbeatable. They are comparable to wireless earbuds with up to 10 hours audio playback per charge, at default volume. You can listen to music for up to 40 hours if you keep three more charges in the case. Creative has now added wireless charging to make charging even easier if you don't need to plug in. Creative's design was largely inspired by the Outlier Air V2, but it used the same ear tips to improve comfort and fit. This seal allows for more bass to be trapped and preserves the soundstage. This codec support allows for excellent compatibility, as well as AAC and aptX. It is another benefit for a pair earbuds that sounds so much better than the price. Finally, you get Ambient Sound mode that allows you to hear the surrounding noises and an active noise reduction setting that muffles some background noise. Creative has reintroduced its Super X-Fi technology, but it doesn't work for all content. You can't apply it to music or video files on your device, rather than streaming content. Creative's companion app also replaces the physical buttons on the earbuds by touch controls that are only okay. It offers decent settings including an extensive list of equalizer presets, some of which even include popular video games. The Outlier Air V3 is one of our favorite budget pairs, and that's saying something. Pros: Great audio quality

Ambient mode works well

Battery life is excellent

Comfortable fit

Touch controls have been improved

Wireless charging support: Too limited

Noise-canceling is not complete

Bulky case

The Outlier Air V3 is the best overall Creative Outlier Air V3. This well-rounded Creative adds some key features to the Outlier Air V2, making it a great choice for anyone looking to save money. Amazon: $60

Anker Soundcore Live P3 is the best value

Source: Anker

The Creative Outlier Air wireless earbuds are undoubtedly the best. Anker's Soundcore Life P3 is an excellent alternative if you are looking for something a little different. They are comfortable and have ANC. These earbuds are not very rugged so be aware. However, there is much to love about their performance. These earbuds are impressive for their price, with large drivers that deliver excellent audio quality and rich bass. While Creative has the edge in sound quality, these drivers are capable of sooth your ears and muffle background noises. These have ANC, which is surprisingly good for budgetbuds, unlike Creative's pair. Soundcore is a great app that allows you to adjust the sound via the equalizer and make other adjustments. The strong Bluetooth connection and the efficient mics keep your phone lines open when you need them. The battery life is good at six hours with ANC on (seven with the volume turned off), and 28 hours with the case. This allows for audio to playback for a decent amount of time. These numbers are dependent on volume, so crank it up to get those higher numbers. The pros: Excellent sound quality

Surprising ANC performance

Very comfortable fit

Battery life is excellent

Solid app support

Wireless charging support

Not particularly durable

The Anker Soundcore Life P3 is the best value. They deliver great sound and noise cancellation, making them a steal for their price. Amazon: $80

Walmart: $80

Best upgrade: Anker Soundcore Libert Air 2

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This article focuses on wireless earbuds that work well, sound great and are affordable. The Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 is our next pick. This is a great option if you are looking for high-end wireless earbuds at a reasonable price. The Liberty Air 2 sounds amazing right away. The earbuds have "diamond-inspired drivers", and a premium TPU diaphragm. This translates into a large soundstage and deep bass. It doesn't matter what music you listen to on the Liberty Air 2 earbuds, it will sound great. Anker's HearID feature is a favorite of ours. It customizes your listening experience according to your hearing sensitivity. Although Anker's phone call quality was better with the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro, Anker made improvements. However, your results might vary. You have many other options, including a 28-hour battery, Qi wireless charging and touch controls. Additionally, you can use one earbud for mono playback. The Soundcore Liberty Air 2 delivers premium audio quality for a fraction of the price of other brands. Pros: Deep bass and high-quality sound

Audio can be personalized to your ears

Battery life total of 28 hours

Robust touch controls

Qi wireless charging cons: It could be easier to make phone calls

The best upgrade Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 wireless earbuds. Treat yourself. These earbuds are more expensive than other brands, but they offer a superior experience. Amazon: $50

Best Buy: $40

Walmart: $50

Ideal for those with tight budgets

Source: Back Bay Audio

Back Bay Audio is a Boston-based company. Its main claim to fame is that it offers more for a lot less. Tempo 30 is ready to go. They focus on two areas that stand out. The first is the audio quality. While it's not surprising that these buds are so cheap, they offer other options for listening. Bass Mode, as the name implies, makes the lows rumble louder for a richer sound. A Game Mode reduces lag and improves audio and video sync when watching movies or playing games. You have six options for eartips to get the perfect sound. They are small enough to fit most ears. Unlike the audio focus, you don't get any extras like ANC or ambient sounds, so there is no way to block outside noise. You can get good passive noise isolation with a tight seal. These earbuds have decent touch controls. However, you'll need to be able to switch between modes consistently. They also have IPX7 water resistance, which makes them stand out. These buds are great for running or working out, and they're also very affordable. They can't be used for swimming. How about battery life? The Tempo 30 can last up to eight hours on a single charge depending on the volume level. The case adds another 24 hours. You can charge them via USB-C very quickly but there is no way to fast-charge them. Pros: Great sound quality for the price

Bass and Game modes

Battery life is 32 hours

IPX7 Water-Resistant

Solid Bluetooth connection

Pros: Extremely Affordable No Fast Charging

There is no ambient mode for runners

Back Bay Audio Tempo 30, the best earbuds for tight budgets. These incredibly affordable earbuds offer superior sound quality than you would expect. Amazon: $45

SoundPEATS T2 Hybrid ANC Wireless Earbuds are the best underdog

Source: SoundPEATS

Don't worry if you don't know what SoundPEATS means. This is a small, obscure company that has been making top-quality audio gear since 2010. SoundPEATS is a great choice for true wireless earbuds at a very affordable price. The SoundPEATS T2 Hybrid ANC Wireless earbuds have a lot of appeal. The 12mm drivers make these earbuds more enjoyable than their cost. They also produce excellent audio playback. ANC is enabled, and the performance of these earbuds continues to improve, making them a solid package. Although they are quite comfortable, their small size may make them stand out more than others. The battery life is amazing at up to 10 hours on a single charge, and up to 8 hours if you use ANC. You can take the case with you almost anywhere. You won't even need a Micro USB cable to charge your USB-C device. You can plug in for up to an hour if you run low on juice. Pros Good sound quality

Comfortable fit

Smaller charging case

Solid battery life

Decent ANC, Transparency modes Not very rugged

SoundPEATS T2 Hybrid ANC wireless earbuds are the best underdog. Amazon: $60

$50 at Newegg

Tribit FlyBudsC1 has the best battery life

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The Tribit FlyBuds C1 are a great pair for anyone who is always on the go and requires earbuds that don't run out of juice. The FlyBuds C1 excel at both. Wireless earbuds can reach limits, either for the earbuds or the case. The case can hold 50 hours of audio, and they can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. Although Tribit may not have broken any records, it is an audio combination that lasts longer than many, regardless of how much they cost. This is because the case isn't too heavy, which means you don't have to carry extra bulk with all the juice. These numbers are possible because the FlyBuds C1 doesn't have ambient or ANC modes. They don't have an app that can customize the sound. They sound great on their own. Other elements like comfort, call quality, and durability also hold up to provide a solid overall performance for a pair budget buds. Pros Good audio quality

Amazing battery life

Extra tips for a comfortable fit

Very durable

Decent call quality

Affordable The Bad There is no ANC or ambient mode

You can be a bit loose.

No wireless charging

No app

Best Tribit FlyBudsC1 Battery Life Keep going, and continuing, and going. The Duet 50 Pro's 130 hour usage time is unbeatable. Amazon: $70

Best comfort: EarFun Air Pro

Source: EarFun

The EarFun Air Pro can be worn by anyone and you will feel as comfortable as any pair of earbuds you can find on the market. Although there are only three sizes of earbuds, chances are you will find the one that suits your ears. EarFun is not the only brand that makes comfortable earbuds. However, the Air Pro offer a great combination of form, function and features. They are great for long listening sessions and produce high quality sound for the cost. They have ambient and ANC modes that can either block outside noises, or allow them in to aid you in hearing the surrounding. Although these modes won't be as expensive as more expensive earbuds the results are worth it. This is also true for phone calls. These are more comfortable so you can use them to make calls. The six-mic array is able to keep your voice clear and audible, even when you are not using it. With ANC on, battery life can last up to seven hours. If you leave it on, the battery life can increase to up to nine hours. You get at least two more charges, plus a little bit more, but there is no wireless charging. Pros Outstanding comfort

Excellent audio at a reasonable price

Ambient modes and ANC are excellent

Battery life is excellent

Pros Excellent call quality

EarFun Air Pro Wireless Earbuds Best Comfort. No sore ears! EarFun free ensures your ears are comfortable and healthy. Amazon: $68

TreblabX3 Pro is the best workout buddy

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Water resistance is a key feature to consider when looking for workout headphones. The Treblab X3 Pro is IPX7 rated. This means that you can do intense workouts with no worries about damaging them. They are not suitable for submersion so don't swim with them. Thanks to the ear hooks, the X3 Pro should feel light and comfortable. This design is great for comfort, stability, and fit. It makes it easy to wear the X3 Pro for longer periods of time or when you are particularly active like running. These earbuds are great as long as they have a good seal and at least one pair of tips. They sound great for those who are looking for power and have larger drivers. They won't sound like balanced audiophile headphones, but that's not the point. Do you want music that will get you moving while also keeping you energized? They can do that perfectly. The battery lasts up to nine hours on a single charge and can be extended by 36 hours with the included case. There is no wireless charging but USB-C charging will get you up and running again in no time. Battery life is not affected by volume. Pros: IPX7 water resistant

Comfortable and secure fit

Deep bass and punchy audio

Charges using USB-C

Solid battery life

Swimming is not permitted in this area.

Treblab X3 Pro Flex the best workout buds Comfort and durability are key features in a pair of workout earbuds. The Treblab X3 Pro is the perfect choice. Amazon: Starting at $70

JLab Audio Epic Air Sport ANC is the best hook design

Source: JLab Audio

The IP66 rating of the Epic Air Sport ANC was created by JLab Audio to make it durable enough to withstand regular running and exercise. These ear hooks are not intended to be exposed to water so make sure they stay dry. You'll find the right ear tip for you. The passive noise isolation is only beneficial to the onboard ANC. This allows you to listen to your music, podcast, audiobook, and other background sounds. When you need to hear some background noise, the Be Aware mode by JLab is the best. It allows you to add in some JLab audio to help you stay alert when running or talking to others. You will find the sound balanced with a boost in the bass. However, you can alter that setting in JLab's Air ANC App, where you can adjust ANC controls as well as the sound through the included equalizer. JLab claims that the battery can last up to 15 hours per charge with ANC off. You can still get a good 10 hours of battery life per charge if you keep it on. You can charge it with the included cable or place it on a Qi charging station for wireless charging. Pros: Solid audio quality

IP66 sweat resistance

Different ear tips and sizes

Excellent app support

For workouts, long battery life

Cons of ANC and ambient modes: Don't swim alongside them

Bulkier design might not be right for everyone

JLab Audio Epic Air Sport ANC Headphones Best Hook Design JLab prioritizes sweat resistance and comfort with the Epic Air Sport ANC. Amazon: $80

Best Buy: $100

Source: 1More

1More Stylish True Wireless is the perfect choice for anyone looking for high-quality sound without breaking the bank. Although it is not neutral, there is a noticeable bump in bass, but not enough to drown out mids and highs. These will be a hit with bass lovers, but they will also appeal to those who enjoy a fun, off-balanced sound. The soundstage is what makes this sound signature so impressive. Although it may not be as good as more expensive true wireless earbuds but the Stylish True Wireless is still a great choice. It has a large soundstage that makes it easy to hear individual instruments and vocals. In terms of battery life, the Stylish True Wireless can run for up to 6.5 hours. You get an additional 17.5 hour battery life with the included charging case. This gives you up to 24 hours audio playback when combined with the bud. The case is small and compact. It will fit easily in your purse or pocket. It still uses Micro-USB charging, and does not support wireless charging. Comfort is also excellent. They are lightweight and very easy to insert and remove from your ear. The earbuds stay in your ear with no problem. Even after prolonged periods, you won't feel any discomfort or fatigue. The box comes with multiple sizes of ear tips, which can help you to find the right fit. The battery lasts a long time.

Bluetooth 5.0

Amazing sound and large soundstage

Great comfort Cons: Micro USB for charging

No wireless charging case

This option is more expensive than others on the list

Highest sound quality 1More Stylish True Wireless Earbuds Amazing sound Quality The 1More Stylish feature excellent sound, long battery life and great comfort all at a great price. Amazon: $57

Walmart: $40

Best noise-canceling: The Mpow X3

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While noise cancellation is an excellent feature on some headphones, it's not something that we often see in true wireless earbuds. The Mpow X3 is so unique. The Mpow X3 have fully-fledged active sound cancellation that blocks out background noise up to 28dB. Although it isn't as effective as over-ear headphones or expensive ones, the X3 works great for reducing the sound of a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, or air conditioner. The 10mm drivers provide excellent sound quality and a balanced listening experience with clear clarity. The experience includes 27 hours of battery life, USB C charging and Bluetooth 5.0 for stable wireless connectivity. Mpow's charging case for plastic isn't the most elegant, but it does the job. Pros Comfortable in-ear fit

Active noise cancellation

Total playback time: 27 hours

Bluetooth 5.0

USB-C to charge Cons Plastic case feels cheap

The Mpow X3 ANC Bluetooth earphones that cancel out noise are the best. This makes them very unique. Available at Mpow starting at $40

Tozo T6 is the best bass

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Bass lovers rejoice! If you are looking for lots of bass, the TOZO T6 earbuds is what you need. The bass has been amplified a lot, which gives the overall sound a warm tone and lots of rumble. However, it is not too loud to make the bass muddy or distortion. The midrange is flat and the treble is neutral. The presence of the midrange and treble will be lost to the bass. Although the dynamic range is impressive, the soundstage is somewhat limited by the loud bass. The battery life is excellent, with the T6 lasting for up to 6 hours and the charging case giving you another 24 hours. This makes it a package of 30 hours. Although the Micro-USB charging port may not be ideal, you can use Qi wireless charging instead. The T6 are extremely comfortable. The buds are extremely lightweight and won't push too deeply into your ears. The box contains multiple sizes of ear tips, which can help you to fit the buds. The earbuds are extremely comfortable and won't cause any discomfort, fatigue, or pain, even after hours of listening. Pros: Excellent, bass-heavy sound

Water resistance IPX8

Wireless charging is possible

Amazing comfort Cons: Micro USB for charging

AirPods rip-off design