HBO Max teases post-apocalyptic series 'Station Eleven'

HBO Max has released the first teaser and images for Station Eleven, its adaptation of Emily St. John Mandel’s post-apocalyptic novel. The short video shows Jeevan (Himesh Ptel), Kirsten, Matilda Lawler (her younger version, Mackenzie Davis (her older version) and other key characters as they confront a pandemic that has ravaged most planets.
The trailer opens with Jeevan and Kirsten buying carts upon carts full of food from an almost empty supermarket. There was also a single cashier who didn’t know where to take them. We are then shown a series of dark scenes, including a ferris wheel, a burning building, and a dramatic theater performance. The story also features a mysterious character, panicked people trying to rebuild what they have lost, and a ferris wheels.

Mandel's novel takes place in the Great Lakes before and after a fictional pandemic of swine flu that claimed most of the world's population. It was originally shot in Chicago in January 2020. However, because of the real-life pandemic that is still affecting us, production was moved to Mississauga in Ontario. Production ended in July. Hiro Murai, Atlanta's director, was responsible for the 10-episode series. Patrick Somerville, Made for Love's writer and showrunner, wrote the script. The series will be streamable on HBO Max starting December 16th.