'Magic: The Gathering' introduces a big tiddy goth vampire for you to simp over

Magic: The Gathering unleashed the hounds in September. They also released card packs of werewolves as part of its Innistrad: Midnight Hunt expansion. The trading card game's Gothic horror-themed expansion celebrating another classic creature of night is now available.
Crimson Vow introduces 267 cards to Magic. Its lore centers on Sorin, Vampire Planeswalker Sorin's efforts to stop a wicked vampire wedding. Although it seems like this is more of an issue of power and politics than forbidden love, I still hope for a vampiric recreation.

Mashable is the only person who can reveal a new card in this expansion, Blood Hypnotist, as it comes up to Innistrad Crimson Vow's launch.

Credit to Wizards of the Coast: Magic: The Gathering Blood Hypnotist

Blood Hypnotist costs three mana, one Red and is an Uncommon Red Vampire Creature. She can't block so she won't be able to defend you against an opponent.

Blood Hypnotist is more focused on offence. She demonstrates her worth by activating her ability: "Whenever one or more Blood tokens are sacrificed, target creature cannot block this turn." This ability is activated once per turn.

Innistrad Crimson Vow has a new mechanic called Blood tokens. They can be obtained through the use of other cards' abilities. If you don't have any cards that can help, sacrifice a Blood token.

Blood Hypnotist gives you an additional boon when you sacrifice a Blood token. This allows you to choose any creature you like and prevents them from blocking attacks during the current turn. No matter how many Blood tokens are sacrificed, you can only select one creature. However, it will still leave a significant hole in the enemy's defense. You can force your opponent to choose between eating other creatures or taking a loss in their life points if you are strategic.

You'll need to ensure Blood Hypnotist is used with cards that generate Blood tokens. This bloodsucker won't be able to slip into your existing decks. She is a great choice if you are looking to create a Vampire-themed Crimson Vow set.

You are getting very sleepy... Credit: Jason A. Engle / WIZARDS OF THE COAST

Innistrad: Crimson Vow’s key art promises even more vampiric shenanigans. Credit: WIZARDS FROM THE COAST