Ford has unveiled a retro '70s concept electric pickup

Ford's new electric pickup truck looks retro and futuristic. I can't drive, and I'm thrilled.
The all-electric F-100 Eluminator, based on Ford's 1978 F-100 pickup has 480 horsepower. It also features Ford Performance Parts Eluminator electric motor. It's a concept vehicle at the moment, so don't rush to your Ford dealer. The F-100 Eluminator, however, is a wonderful example of how electric vehicles' aesthetics are being advanced or relegated.

Eric Cin, Ford's global director for Vehicle Personalization, Accessories and Licensing, said, "Our F-100Eluminator concept shows how we are supporting customers as they move all-electric and embrace zero-tailpipe emission performance even for our heritage cars."

A young, old-fashioned body with a youthful heart. Credit: FORD

The F-100Eluminator lets you express your creativity and help the planet. Credit to FORD

The insides are identical to other electric vehicles. Credit: FORD

Since the 1970s, the interior has also been updated. Credit: FORD

Dat ass. Credit: FORD

The F-100 Eluminator's grey colour is too dull for me. The real attraction is being able to enjoy the retro '70s look without having to tear the ozone layer apart every time you start it.

The Eluminator motor can be purchased if you are a skilled mechanic and have $3,900 spare. You'll have to wait and see if you really want the retro look with the new electric heart.

Although electric cars are better for the environment and more efficient than gas-guzzlers, their often futuristic design doesn't appeal to everyone. Ford's F-100Eluminator should help expand our vision of electric vehicles and encourage people to switch away from petrol.