Sources: Ben Simmons won't meet Philadelphia 76ers doctors to talk mental readiness

Sources told ESPN that Ben Simmons' refusal by the organization to treat his mental readiness to play has been making it harder for the Philadelphia 76ers.
Sources said that Simmons has been working with team physicians to treat a back problem, but he has not been willing to meet with them to discuss his mental health.

Sources claim that Simmons has been working with mental health professionals through the National Basketball Players Association since summer. Sources say that Simmons has not yet provided details about those meetings to the team.

Simmons met with his teammates and coaches on a regular basis at their Camden, New Jersey practice area. He hasn't yet returned to full team activities, and it's not clear when or if.

Simmons' mental health is a concern and the Sixers are eager to assist him. Sources said that Simmons is still uncertain if he is making progress towards this same goal.

Sources close to Simmons said that they expect to update ESPN on his progress when he feels comfortable.

Simmons was fined nearly $2 million by the Sixers for missing practices, games and meetings during this season. Sources claim that Simmons was not fined by the Sixers after he informed them, on October 22, that his mental condition prevented him from playing.

The collective bargaining agreement contains a clause that protects the salaries of players who fail to render services, "if such failure was caused by the player’s mental disability."