My family of 4 spent $280 on lunch at Space 220 in Disney World, and the experience made the price worth it

Space 220 was a great place to have lunch with my family. Kari Becker
On our recent Disney trip, my family of four was able to experience Epcot's Space 220 restaurant.

We found the galactic eatery to be so immersive and fun that it made our lunch quite magical.

We were charged $280 for a prix-fixe adult menu at the restaurant.

When I saw that Epcot's Space 220 restaurant would be opening in time for our Disney family trip, I knew I had got to make a reservation.

My husband is an avid space enthusiast. As a Marvelous Mouse Travels agent, I am always on the lookout for new experiences to share with my clients.

Although it was difficult to get a reservation, I persevered and managed to secure one for a late lunch.

Here's how it happened:

Although the exterior of the restaurant was simple, the interior was a striking representation of the space theme.

The exterior of the building was blended into Epcot. Kari Becker

As we headed to the restaurant, we were thrilled.

You might miss the outside if it isn't there.

We were given special tickets that allowed us to use the elevator. Kari Becker

Two hosts greeted us in the Departure Lounge as we entered.

We were given a special boarding card for the Space Elevator and waited for our turn in the lounge until we could ride up.

It's like being in space. Kari Becker

The cylindrical elevator could take us up to 220 miles, hence the name of the restaurant, to the Centauri Space Station.

As Epcot's views disappeared quickly, we enjoyed the simulated ascent.

We were seated in a beautiful dining room with an amazing view.

It was a completely immersive experience. Kari Becker

The first glimpse of space was revealed when a host led us to our tables. It was stunning.

The entire restaurant front overlooks the "view" from the top of Earth. Here, you can see astronauts doing business and other vessels passing by.

The second tier of the dining room had a wonderful view. We were seated there. It wouldn't have the same effect if we were closer.

The tables were very simple so that they didn't distract the theme. Kari Becker

The table settings were black with the chairs and tables in a stylish, utilitarian gray.

You can also try to get walk-up reservations at the bar and lounge. The bar was bustling and packed when we visited.

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Although the restaurant serves only prix-fixe adult meals, there is a children's menu.

Space 220 has a prix fixe menu. Kari Becker

Space 220 offers adult only a prix fixe menu for restaurant seating.

My husband and I were going to lunch so we each ordered appetizers and mains. My children ordered entrees, desserts, and specialty drinks for $55 each.

Adult-specific drinks and desserts weren't included.

Although the drink names were very appropriate, the cocktails weren’t exceptional.

All of us had fun drinks to accompany our lunches. Kari Becker

We decided to all get a fancy cocktail.

My husband chose the Stargarita (the restaurant's version of a margarita), while I chose the Celestial Cosmopolitan (your basic cosmo). They were both well-presented and tasty, but not too special.

My boys received the "Moon Rocks", a drink made from coconut water, in a collectible cup. It also came with a box of Pop Rocks. The drink was extremely sweet with a strong coconut flavor.

It was delicious! We tried it all and were divided on our opinions. However, everyone agreed that the rocket cups were cute. Pop Rocks were a hit with my boys.

The children's meals were served with our appetizers, which can be a blessing in a hectic day.

Space 220 restaurant serves "Blue Moon" and "Space Greens" cauliflowers. Kari Becker

Our appetizers or "Lift Offs", as they are known at the restaurant, were the Blue Moon and Space Greens.

My meal was delicious, and everyone was eating from my plate. The tempura-fried cauliflower was delicious and perfectly seasoned.

This salad was a light, refreshing starter. It featured bibb lettuce and roasted pears as well as spiced pecans and an apple-cider dressing.

Space 220 hosts the kids' salmon entree. Kari Becker

They served my boys their food halfway through our appetizers. This is great for impatient kids.

My older son was a "Galactic Salmon" fan, and my younger brother had the "Cosmic Chicken".

My son claimed that the salmon, mashed potatoes and broccoli were his favorite foods. It was gone in three minutes. He only complained that there was not more.

Space 220's chicken strips for children. Kari Becker

Fries and chicken strips were Disney-style, which is always delicious. My only complaint was the lack of barbecue sauce to dip.

After a quick walk around the restaurant, we were served our entrees

We were able take in all the views from the restaurant. Kari Becker

We walked around the restaurant while we waited for our adult entrees.

It was quite empty so I had a chance to take pictures.

It was quite a show to serve my husband's salmon dish. Kari Becker

Just in time to eat, we sat down again.

My husband enjoyed Bluehouse salmon with baby bok choy and glazed carrots. The salmon was served under a cloche with a touch of smoke.

It was delicious with Asian-inspired flavors. The fish was perfectly cooked and the portion was good.

Space 220 was my choice for the chicken entree. Kari Becker

I enjoyed the roasted chicken free-range with mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes.

The gravy and potatoes were delicious. I could eat an entire bowl. Although the chicken was delicious, it wasn't exceptional. Although the sprouts looked well-cooked, I couldn't find any way to enjoy them.

My portion was large and I didn’t finish even half.

As we paid for the lunch, my boys enjoyed their desserts.

A small dessert was included with the children's meals. Kari Becker

For their complimentary desserts, the boys chose strawberry gelato or chocolate ice cream. They quickly ate it with a smile.

Before tipping, our meal was almost $240. Kari Becker

The total cost of our bill came to almost $280, with $237.50 for pre-tip.

We found the Disney magic priceless, and it was worth every penny.

My children loved the elevators in the restaurant. Kari Becker

Although it is a steep price for lunch, the experience and the atmosphere make it worth it.

My youngest was asking me, "So mom, weren't we really in space?" After our feet were planted on the ground, I said, "So mom! Is it possible to see the elevator from this location?

That's what keeps us coming back to Disney.

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