New York Jets add QB Zach Wilson's personal coach John Beck to coaching staff

Mike White, in his first start of his career, throws for 405 yards with 3 touchdowns to lead the Jets' second win of the season. (1:27).
FLORHAM PARK (N.J.) -- The New York Jets made an unusual midseason move and added John Beck, former NFL quarterback -- Zach Wilson's personal trainer -- to their coaching staff, ESPN sources said.

Beck was seen on Sunday, wearing a headset, and Jets coaching attire. Although his role in the game is not known, the Jets have not commented. Beck will be there for every game.

Wilson, who was the second overall pick in 2021 NFL Draft, is struggling. This move is important. Maybe Robert Saleh, the coach, hopes that Wilson will be at peace once he is back from his knee injury. This could happen next week.

Beck, 40, is a new coach in the NFL, but he is highly respected within the industry. Beck provides instruction to several NFL quarterbacks from the 3DQB facility at Huntington Beach, California. Wilson has known him for many years. He was instrumental in the pre-draft process. They met during the Jets' recent bye-week and had a great workout at BYU, their alma mater.

Beck's arrival is a crucial time for the Jets (2-5), which may be facing a quarterback controversy. In his first start in a career, backup Mike White passed for 405 yards with three touchdowns against Cincinnati. He will again start Thursday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Saleh isn't committing to his plans, so it remains open to speculation what will happen after that. White could be able to stay with the hot hand if the Jets win and/or White performs well. Wilson, who was injured nine days back, will likely be able to practice next week but is not expected to be available for the game against the Buffalo Bills on Nov. 14.

Mike LaFleur, the first-time offensive coordinator, has been under fire for Wilson's struggles as well as the slow start to the offense. The Jets were last in many of the most important statistical categories before Sunday.

They tweaked their operation against the Bengals and sent LaFleur to the coaches' box to call plays. Matt Cavanaugh, a senior offensive assistant, was hired in August to take over for Greg Knapp. He had an in-game responsibility from the sideline. LaFleur called plays on the sideline in the first six games because Wilson preferred it.

Rob Calabrese, a rookie quarterbacks coach, is also on the Jets' staff. Now that Beck is on staff, it's not clear how he fits in the equation.

Beck was a second-round pick by the Miami Dolphins in 2007. He played for four NFL teams before he retired in 2011. He played nine games, starting seven (0-7).