Big names in sports and business are on a crypto-giveaway spree. Here are 3 recent offerings of free coins.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. AP Photo/Matt Ludtke
Corporations and athletes are trying to take advantage of the crypto wave by giving it away.

Burger King and the Dallas Mavericks announced that they would offer crypto to customers and fans.

Aaron Rodgers said he would take part of his salary to bitcoin and will give some to his fans.

Crypto is being supported by big-name generosity.

Retail traders, businesses, and whole countries continue to embrace cryptocurrency. It has been a great marketing strategy to bring digital assets to a larger audience by giving crypto away free of charge.

The Dallas Mavericks of Mark Cuban announced last week that it would give $100 in bitcoin to anyone who downloaded the Voyager Digital App. Over 2 million users have been verified and the trading platform allows access to more than 60 currencies. Voyager has entered into a five-year partnership for the Texas NBA team, which is owned by a long-standing crypto-bull.

Similar to Burger King, Robinhood teamed up with the fast-food chain to offer $2.6 million worth of crypto to its US loyalty members. Burger King announced that it was ready to distribute 20 bitcoin, 200 Ethereum, and 2 Million Dogecoin.

According to the website, customers can win by placing orders of $5 or more via the Burger King app before November 21. This promotion comes after Robinhood reported a 78% drop in crypto trading revenue for its third quarter.

Individuals are also joining the crypto-craze. Aaron Rodgers, the NFL's superstar, announced that he would give away $1 million worth of bitcoin to his fans. Cash App is teaming up with the Green Bay Packers quarterback to make Bitcoin more accessible to fans.

He also announced that he would be investing a portion of his NFL salary (he was in John Wick costumes in a tweet).

Rodgers stated in the video, "Bitcoin to The Moon."