Boondock Saints III is really happening, will shoot next year

All of America's bros were yelling in joy from their apartments, dorm rooms and offices at the tech company c-suite offices as they made another Boondock Saints movie. You can either high-five your nearest dude or let out a deep sigh in frustration.

Is it all good? This news is from Deadline. It has an extended feature about how Boondock Saints III came to be. The film's director Troy Duffy, along with stars Norman Reedus, Sean Patrick Flanery, have all signed on to return for the new movie. Duffy co-wrote the script along Flanery. Reedus also had a lot to contribute so that anyone who is concerned about the Boondock Saints legacy being diluted can take it as they wish.

Producer Shaun Yates Redick and the core Boondock trio have high hopes for this project. They told Deadline that it will be so huge that viewers won't need to have seen the first two movies. They tease that they plan to make this a John Wick-style global action franchise. As if the coolness of John Wick's murder scenes is all that makes it good, or the fact that it has an emotional depth and thematic depth that is lacking in other action movies. (We don't have any examples.)

The Boondock Saints movie is about two Irish Catholic brothers who believe God has ordered them to wear black trench coats to execute all the evil Bostonians. Ten years later, the sequel is about their being framed for murders that they didn't commit, receiving support from Catholic Church, and finally getting arrested.

The sequel will continue at some point afterwards with the brothers finally getting out of prison, having been there for a long time, and finding a new world. Duffy says that the people facing us today are unlike anything he has ever seen before, and the Saints say we can't turn our backs on it.

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It's just too much. It is a lot to handle. We can thank the Irish Catholic God for not mentioning that the movie will be set during COVID-times. Boondock Saints III will be a remake of John Wick and will begin filming in May, when Flanery is off from The Boys, while Reedus will be on a break for The Walking Dead.