Trump blames 'perverts' for making it look like Virginia Gov. candidate Glenn Youngkin and him don't like each other

On November 1, former President Donald Trump issued several statements encouraging his supporters vote for Virginia Governor. candidate Glenn Youngkin. Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
Donald Trump blames "perverts" because it seems like he and Glenn Youngkin are not compatible.

Trump encouraged his supporters, stating that they believed in the same policies as him, to vote for Youngkin.

Trump was absent from the Virginia campaign trail for most of his term, with Youngkin only parachuting in to a tele-rally on election eve.

Trump's former president blamed "fake news media and perverts" for creating the false impression Glenn Youngkin, a GOP Virginia governor hopeful, and Trump himself were at odds.

Trump issued a statement via Twitter on November 1, through Liz Harrington, his spokeswoman. It denied that there was a rift.

"The Fake News media together with some perverts doing ads on primarily Fox (Fox should not take those ads!) Trump stated that he was trying to make Glenn Youngkin and me seem at odds and not like one another in the statement.

He said that he and Youngkin get along well and believe in many of the similar policies, especially regarding education.

Trump stated, "The Fake News and perverts work overtime to convince people we don't like each other and therefore, my vast and unprecedented Make America Great Again basis will not show up for vote." To all our millions of followers, I urge you to ignore the Fake News and misleading ads written largely by well-known perverts. Glenn Youngkin, a man who will make a great governor, is your chance to vote!

Trump also stated that Youngkin had his full and complete endorsement for many months in a separate statement. Trump encouraged all MAGA voters to support Youngkin.

Trump's statement was unclear. Insider did not immediately get a response from his representatives.

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Youngkin has not endorsed Trump in Virginia. Youngkin was not present at the last-minute election-eve rally, which took place without Youngkin.

Democrats have mocked Trump's absence from the Youngkin campaign trail. The Democratic National Committee mocked Trump in October by flying a plane close to his Mar-a-Lago property carrying a banner reading: "Why won’t Youngkin allow Trump campaign in VA?"

Last week, President Joe Biden took aim at Youngkin as well. He asked why he wouldn't let Donald Trump campaign for him.

Biden stated that Terry's opponent has pledged all his loyalty to Donald Trump, but that what is really fascinating to me is that he will not stand next to Donald Trump now the campaign's over," Biden told a rally in Arlington. He's willing to swear his loyalty to Donald Trump privately, so why not publicly? What is he hiding? Trump's presence is a problem. Is Trump embarrassed?

Terry McAuliffe, a Democratic candidate for governor, has maintained links with Trump and Youngkin. According to McAuliffe, Trump's statements are the "culmination a dangerous alliance to bring about division, hatred, and Trumpism in Virginia disguised as a fleece vest, khakis, and that is what he said to The Hill."

"Glenn Youngkin made it clear that he is running to be governor of the state for Donald Trump since launching his campaign. McAuliffe stated that Trump was helping Glenn to close his campaign, and he is rewarding his loyalty for the past eight months.

Virginia's gubernatorial elections are set for November 2. They are neck-and-neck. CNBC reported that Virginia's early voting reached a record, with half of the state's 5.9million electorate having submitted early ballots.

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