Updating to macOS Monterey Is Paralyzing Some Older Macs

You should not upgrade to macOS Monterey if you own an older MacBooki.e. or any other device that does not run on Apple silicon. You could be without a computer for quite some time if you don't update right away.

Many users have complained on social media that updating to Apple's latest operating system, which was released Oct. 25, caused their Macs to crash. MacRumors spotted the complaints. They claim that users couldn't turn their computers on after updating. Others claimed that the update caused problems with their ports. This made it even harder for them to turn on the computers because they were running low battery.

This issue seems to be affecting older MacBook Pros, Mac minis, and iMacs. MacRumors reports that the issue does not seem to affect newer Apple silicon devices based on the absence of complaints.

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Gizmodo tried to reach out to Apple regarding the Monterey issues but was not able to get a reply by the time this article was published. If we get a response, we will update this blog.


Apple has not yet addressed the issue on its channels, but @AppleSupport tweeted that it tried to help users with links to support articles about what to do if your Mac won't turn on or restart because of a problem.

After installing Monterey, a user reported that his Mac became bricked. He later said that the problem was likely related to the computer's firmware. This needs to be restored or revived. The user stated that this is impossible unless another Mac with the same OS or a newer version. The Apple Store provided the assistance the user needed.


These reports alarm me as a poor, unfortunate person with an older 2019 MacBook Pro. I immediately stopped updating to Monterey. I'm all for the update. It's essential for security reasons! It's also important to be able to innovate. It is impossible for me to afford a computer that won't turn on right away. Perhaps nothing would happen. Maybe my update would go smoothly. But until these issues are resolved, I'm not taking chances. Monterey with its new cool features can wait.