The Cayman Islands is reopening to travelers

Since the pandemic, most tourists have been restricted to Cayman Islands. However, they will be able to travel to these islands once they are fully vaccinated on Nov. 2.
Kenneth Bryan, minister of tourism and transport, said that the announcement signifies the destination's transition to Phase 4 in its reopening plans now that a large portion of the population has been vaccinated.

Bryan stated, "The safety and health of our residents and visitors has always been the government’s top priority. Our Covid experience during the pandemic was exemplary to this point." "We want to ease the restrictions and move into Phase 4. This will allow for a significant return to normality in travel and tourism on the islands, just in time for the holidays.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in the Caribbean, most Caribbean countries have slowly reopened their borders. However, the Cayman Islands remains a standout. After an increase in Covid cases, a plan to reopen October had been delayed.

Travel Cayman must approve all travelers. After approval, verified travelers must show proof of vaccinations and a negative PCR test within 72 hours.

Children who have not been vaccinated but are arriving in the country will be allowed to travel to the islands, although they will not need to be quarantined. This rule will be changed once the islands move into Phase 5, the final phase of the reopening plan.

Cayman Islands has a strict policy of reopening slowly. Starting in June 2020, certain categories of travelers were permitted entry. These were home and villa owners, as well as business owners, health professionals, and repatriated workers.

The remote-work and stay program was launched in 2020. However, applicants had to submit rigorous applications in order to be granted a limited stay.

Some quarantine restrictions on repatriation flight passengers were lifted in Phase 3.

JetBlue has resumed its twice weekly route from New York JFK on Tuesdays and Saturdays to Grand Cayman. Cayman Airways will return to its Saturday nonstop flight between Tampa, Grand Cayman and New York JFK on November 7th and will also add a Monday flight in December. November 7 also sees the return of four weekly roundtrip flights between Miami-Grand Cayman.