Rep. Cori Bush blasts Sen. Manchin, says opposition to the reconciliation bill is 'anti-Black, anti-child, anti-woman, and anti-immigrant'

Rep. Cori Bush criticized Sen. Joe Manchin for his opposition to the Build back Better framework.
Manchin was one of the two main stumbling blocks to reconciliation legislation.

The bill is focused on paid leave, climate solutions, child care, and health care.

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After a Monday press conference in which Sen. Joe Manchin stated he needed more clarity on the Biden administration’s Build Back Better framework (Monday), Rep. Cori Bush made a statement calling him out for being one of the two main Democratic holdouts to the bill.

The Missouri representative stated in her statement that Joe Manchin's opposition of the Build Back Better Act was anti-Black and anti-woman. "Joe Manchin doesn't get to decide the future of this country."

The reconciliation bill, Build Back Better, focuses in part on climate change solutions, as well as child care and medical care. Democrats want to pass the bill along with a bipartisan bill on infrastructure, which focuses in part on transportation expansion and water and power system improvements.

Sens. The reconciliation bill is being held up by Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona and Manchin, West Virginia.

Manchin stated Monday that he was open to supporting any final bill that moves our country forward. However, I am equally open to voting against any bill that harms our country.

He is most concerned about inflation and giving Americans an entitlement mentality.

He said, "I won't support a bill this consequential without fully understanding the impact it has on our national debt and our economy,"

Manchin stated that he encouraged lawmakers to continue with the infrastructure bill. It has been sitting in the House on hold since August. Both bills would be passed by Democrats this week.

He stated, "Holding the bill hostage will not increase my support for reconciliation bill."

Bush replied that she didn't trust his assessment of the needs of her communities.

She stated that she would rather have her constituents trust her than those who suffer the consequences of Congress's decisions, such as parents who depend on childcare or people who are fighting for comprehensive health coverage. She said that she believes in science and the need for effective solutions to climate change.

The bill cost $3.5 trillion for 10 years ($350 billion/year), but Manchin and Sinema have since reduced that to $1.75 trillion ($175 billion/year). They are using their holdout position as a way to negotiate compromise. The reconciliation bill has been stripped of major components like two years of community college free, paid leave, and reduced prescription prices.

"Transformative change is a bill that will help Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. These same communities are excluded from the bipartisan bill on infrastructure. Bush stated that we cannot leave anyone behind."

Insider reached Manchin's office but did not respond immediately to our request for comment.