Make the most of iOS 15’s updates to the App Store – TechCrunch

iOS 15.0's final release was made available on September 20. Apple claims that the OS has not undergone major changes, but this update will bring users faster, more stable, and more convenient operations.
What's most important is a series of updates that will have a significant impact on developers and the App Store presence of their apps. This has been the biggest change in iOS 11 since it was launched over four years ago.

iOS 15.0's new updates offer developers new opportunities. This gives them more freedom to market and test their apps across the OS. Let's discuss how developers can get the most out of iOS 15.0, and what these updates mean to the wider app community.

Optimize your product page using A/B testing

The most anticipated update is the updated product pages. Developers have now access to an online tool that allows them to test icons, screenshots, and videos. This will allow them help assess the impact of visuals on users.

It's been a while since the app community saw such important updates in the name user experience.

The App Store ecosystem requires that the icon to be tested must be within the app build. It must also pass the App Review approval process before it is made available to all users.

During this time, moderators review the app for any prohibited content or inconsistencies. This could impact the user experience. What does this mean for uploads? Already, we've seen the effects through updates in the Google Play Store (which uses a similar implementation). Here, the app icon can be uploaded for testing without the need to update the app and doesn't require approval from moderators.

Screenshots and videos follow a similar procedure. Each of these elements should be carefully reviewed before they can be used for testing purposes. Last, App Store Connect does not allow you to test the subtitle (a short description of the app) in Google Play.

Developers can now experiment with different icons and subtitles. To determine which icons have the greatest impact on customers visiting a product page. These results can be found in the App Analytics section on the App Store Connect console. Developers can assess changes in conversion and compare page performance to decide whether to keep new screenshots/icons, or roll back older assets.