Tesla starts selling home charger that works with other EVs

As spotted by Electrek, Tesla has introduced a new at home wall charger that can be used with other electric cars. The company quietly added the Level 2 wall charger to its online store the day after it began allowing non-Tesla electric vehicles to charge at Supercharger stations throughout the Netherlands. This was the first step of a larger plan to make Tesla's charging network more accessible around the globe.
The charger is compatible with all electric cars in North America and uses the standard J1772 connector. The charger is also competitively priced at $415, though it must be installed by an electrician. It can be charged at up to 9.6kW, and can be used indoors or outdoors. This charger is a modified version of the Gen 2 Tesla home charging station. It does not have Wi-Fi, but it will still be compatible with the Gen 3 Tesla charging station.

Tesla has been a leader in electric cars for many years. The new wall charger and opening of the Supercharger network show that the company is ready to make use of the many new EVs on sale. It won't likely make Tesla as much money as its main automotive business but it could provide a great opportunity. Many legacy automakers make their own home chargers but the market for third-party home chargers is crowded with unrecognizable brands.