Poll shows Herschel Walker far ahead in Georgia Senate primary

onmessage Inc.'s new survey shows that 61 percent of moderate Republican voters support Walker, as opposed to 81 percent for conservatives. 74% of all GOP primary voters said they would vote to elect Walker, while 6 percent said that Gary Black was their closest rival. The remaining 16 percent are undecided.
The poll results, which were conducted from Oct. 11-14, show that the primary electorate was united around Walker before Senate GOP leaders changed their course and publicly supported him last week. This endorsements also came after news about Walker's $3.7 million third quarter fundraising haul.

This survey was commissioned by proWalker superPAC 34N22 and is based upon responses from 400 likely Republican primary voters. It has a margin for error of 4.9 percent.

Republicans cannot afford to lose the primary battle that could hurt their chances of winning back the seat currently held in the Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock's hands. Sen. Jon Ossoff and Sen. Raphael Warnock won the swing state in January runoffs that gave Democrats the majority.

McConnell, who is not yet supported in any open primaries, called Walker "the only one who can unify the party, defeat Senator Warnock and help us regain the Senate."

Sens. John Thune (R-S.D.) John Barrasso, R-Wyo. Walker was also supported by John Barrasso (R-Wyo), who is the Republican whip and conference chairman.

The trio of powerful Senate Republicans supported Walker, but a proactive measure to reduce primary mudslinging within the Georgia race Black was also taken.

Black, Georgia's agriculture commissioner, described Walker's past allegations as disqualifying and asked Walker to clarify the claims.

The Associated Press reported that Walker's ex-wife filed a protective order against her in 2005. She claimed that he threatened to kill and shoot her. Walker has denied similar claims by other women.

Black warned that Democrats will spend $100 million on ads to highlight domestic violence allegations and police reports if Walker is elected Republican nominee.

Black said to reporters that he believes we should have that conversation right away. Before we give the Senate to the Left on a silver platter, he needs to address each of these reports in detail.

The $1.2 million Black raised since April is dwarfed by Walker's third quarter fundraising filing. It only included a month worth of contributions.

Warnock has $9 million in cash and raised $9 million in the last quarter.