Sergio Aguero: Barcelona striker set for three months out after falling ill during game

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Sergio Aguero was treated for chest pains and received several minutes of treatment before being taken to the hospital.

Barcelona has announced that Sergio Aguero will be out of action for three months following his chest pains on Saturday against Alaves.

After being taken ill, the 33-year-old ex-Manchester City striker had to have cardiological tests at hospital.

Aguero will be treated while his health is being monitored.

Club statement: external-link "Over the next three months, his effectiveness in treatment will be evaluated to determine his recovery."

Aguero was treated for several minutes on the pitch, before being taken to hospital.

Aguero posted an Instagram story in which he said that he was fine and excited about the recovery process.

After suffering an injury in preseason, the former Manchester City striker made his first start for Barcelona.

After a decade at City, he signed a two-year contract with the Spanish giants in the summer. He was the club's all time leading scorer with 260 goals over 390 games.