TikTok’s Fire TV app is available in the US

According to Amazon's blog post, TikTok will soon be available on Fire TVs in the US as well as Canada. This is just four months after TikTok launched Fire TV apps in France, Germany, and the UK. A TikTok representative confirmed that the US version of the app is identical to the UK version. After downloading TikTok from Amazon Appstore, simply say, Alexa, TikTok.
This app functions exactly like TikTok mobile, unlike the previous More on TikTok Fire TV App, which restricted viewing to a limited number of videos. Sign in or create an account to explore the For You, Following and Discover pages as you would normally.

AutoPlay allows you to watch a continuous stream video. With the Alexa Voice Remote, you can use your voice to control videos. You can also use the Alexa Voice Remote to issue commands such as play or pause. Amazon notes that the TikTok App will soon be available for Echo Show devices.

Although the Fire TV is not the only smart TV you can view TikTok on but it is the only one available in the US. Previously, TikTok was limited to smart TVs in Europe. TikTok launched an app for Samsung smart TVs across Europe in December and then announced that it would be available on Android TVs throughout the UK, France and Germany. TikTok announced that it will also be available for LG's latest smart TV models in France, Germany, and the UK this October.