Carmelo Anthony, already fitting in with Los Angeles Lakers, clears up 'misconception' about his reputation -- 'I'm easily adaptable'

LOS ANGELES -- Carmelo Anthony, a 19-year-old veteran of the Lakers, wanted to clarify his reputation after he continued Sunday's solid start to his tenure with the team -- his game-high 23 point total helped Los Angeles win a 95-85 victory over the Houston Rockets.
Anthony stated, "I believe people don't understand me." "I believe there is a misconception about me and my inability to adapt to different situations. However, I can adapt to any situation.

Anthony was able to score 20+ points per game his first 15 seasons in New York and Denver, and he had the offense running through him. He also received star treatment from both franchises. Anthony's last few years in the league were mixed.

He played in 2017-18 for the Oklahoma City Thunder, starting 78 games for the OKC team, which lost in the first round. He laughed at the idea of playing a reserve role on that team and famously said, "Who, me?" He was asked by a reporter if he would be willing to play as a reserve.

He played only 10 games in Houston the following season, and started only two. Anthony was then out of a home in the NBA for over 12 months. Teams had passed on Anthony, who was regarded as a high-volume player, but not interested taking on any less than a featured role.

It is possible that Anthony's "misconceptions" comment was made after he had played the team that abandoned him three years earlier.

Anthony was eventually rehabilitated by the Portland Trail Blazers. He played his first season as a starter in Portland before moving to a bench position last season.

He was an elite substitute in L.A. with 16.7 points per game on 50.2% shooting (52.2% from 3), and he did something new on Sunday: he registered four blocks and two steals in one game.

He is trying to get rid of another reputation, that of a defensive sieve.

Frank Vogel, Lakers coach, said that he didn't think he would have the defensive performance he did tonight. It was amazing. It was great. He is always very good with his hands. He's in the right place. You can see the effort he put forth when you tape him coming into this season. He works hard on this side of the ball. He is a hard worker on that side of the ball.

"And when he provides that kind of performance on defense side of the ball with the way he shoots it, he is a big part of our win tonight."

Anthony was 8-for-14 in the field against Houston, and 5-for-8 from 3 Anthony's 20-plus point performance helped the Lakers improve to 3-0.

LeBron James, Lakers forward, said that efficiency is a key factor in his current play. "He's just trying to find himself. Either his man's guarding him and leaving, or he has a great rhythm." He's taking his shots and knocking down the opponents.

Anthony, 37, was one of the most optimistic voices in L.A. when it comes to L.A. growing pains. With the Lakers at 4-3, Anthony explained his outlook.

"I believe that mentally being prepared for anything is the most important thing for me right now. He said that the rest would take care of themselves. It's basketball at that moment. If you're open, shoot it. If you're not open, shoot it. My goal is to simplify basketball so that it becomes easier, especially for this stage in your career.

The man known as "Melo", who is already at home in Los Angeles, wanted reporters to learn how malleable he believes he is. Anthony stated, "It was all in me being adaptable." "It was all about adapting to any situation I find myself in," Anthony said.