Transfer Amex Points To Air France-KLM Flying Blue With 25% Bonus

Amex Membership Rewards points holders get a new bonus transfer bonus.
Amex offers 25% Flying Blue Transfer Bonus

You can get a 25% bonus if you transfer Amex Membership Points to Air France-KLM Flying Blue between Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 and Tuesday, December 31, 2021.

This promotion is available on Amexs End (in the United States) and is hard coded in the transfer ratio. You should see the bonus the moment you make the transfer. This offer is available for unlimited use, but you can only transfer 999,999 points per transaction.

Amex Membership Rewards Points can be earned on a variety of cards, making this an amazing opportunity.

Are Amex points worth flying blue?

Flying Blue offers dynamic, distance-based award pricing. The reasonable award pricing on travel on Air France or KLM gives me quite a lot of value.

Air France and KLM offer more award seats to Flying Blue members than to those who are part of partner programs. Flying Blues pricing may not be the most competitive, but there are still situations in which it might make sense to book through Flying Blue. However, with all the Delta SkyMiles devaluations that we've seen, Flying Blue will typically offer the best pricing.

If you plan to travel transatlantic, it is worth having a stash. Flying Blue is a great way to get value. I redeem my Flying Blue miles every year, often multiple times per year.

Earn miles towards KLM's 787 business class

Bottom line

You can get a 25% bonus if you transfer Amex Membership Points to Air France-KLM Flying Blue between November 30 and December 31, 2021.

Transferring points during bonus transfers is something that I find conflicting. One, transferable points have a lot more value than the flexibility to transfer them to other programs once you have made a specific redemption. This is the best way to avoid devaluations.

You will also get more value if your points are transferred while you have a bonus. Your points can be extended a lot further.

Are you planning to transfer Amex points with a 25% bonus to Flying Blue?