A Jon Gruden lawsuit against the NFL may be what’s best for business

The email leak by Jon Gruden, which was leaked a few weeks back by many, is not the last we have heard about the former Las Vegas Raiders coach. Jason La Canfora, CBS Sports's CBS Sports reporter, claims that Gruden is contemplating taking legal action against both the NFL and Roger Goodell.


Isn't it just wonderful to see the shit-starter turn around and play victim when the spotlight is on them? Gruden could go to court with Goodell or the league. Gruden and his legal team could choose this route to ensure that the rest of the emails are released in the most efficient way possible.

Gruden would be following in the footsteps Al Davis, who sued the NFL. It would mean that he has come to terms with the fact that his life as a NFL personality is over. Gruden was contacted by Maggie Burbank, a producer of HBOs Real Sports Podcast. She told him that the truth would come out.

Gruden is well aware that more emails could be released, which could expose more league owners and officials. This would create a storm that the league doesn't want to weather. Gruden's hateful emails are offensive to me, no matter how old they were a decade ago. It is likely that he still feels the same way at age 58 if he did at age 48. Don't believe what he says after fact. His actions speak for him.

We know that there are many more emails that relate to this story and that the NFL will fight tooth-and-nine to keep them from being released for public consumption. Many of these emails are more damaging than what Gruden claimed. Although I don't have the ability to know for sure, I would guess that many of these emails contain the name Colin Kaepernick. Although his name may be a trigger word for some of you, it is not a problem for me. It was not in the best interest of former players that the league settled with Eric Reid and Kaepernick. Any settlement that is not published sees the light of the day often conceals many more. This is not because defendants are interested in opening their wallets, but strategic reasons.

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Gruden's revenge on Goodell or the league could be dampened by something. Gruden may have signed a general release agreement after settling his case against the Raiders. This could limit any future claims Gruden might have against the NFL in relation to this matter.

We will have to wait and see what happens next. The entire situation between Gruden and Goodell and the league is not over. It could continue for many years if legal action is taken. Gruden has many options and could make many claims against the league.


This doesn't mean you have to support Gruden the person. This is the best way for the public to discover what emails are in other people's hands and how deep this rabbit hole goes. This is the hidden gem we are really trying to find.