I never thought I'd spend over $50 on a trash can, but here's why I'm glad I splurged on a Simplehuman one

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In 2017, I reviewed the Simplehuman trash can for the first time. I still love it as much today.

Four years later, $200 still seems reasonable.

Simplehuman garbage bags are also highly recommended.

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Trash cans can be quite expensive. This was something I discovered while searching Amazon for a new trash can for my kitchen several years ago.

Since a trashcan is not an exciting purchase, I didn't want it to cost me more than $50. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I would spend at least $50 on a trashcan I didn't like.

This is partly why I bought a $200 fancy Simplehuman trash can. I figured that if I was going to spend close to $100 on a trashcan (I wanted one with separate compartments for regular trash and recyclables), it might be worth spending a bit more to get one I like.

I don't have the space to keep a trashcan in my cabinet under my sink, or somewhere else. So I decided to treat it like a piece furniture.

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My trash can is, for better and worse, the first thing people notice when they enter my apartment. Simplehuman's rose-gold one makes an excellent first impression. It's stylish, can I say that about a trashcan? It is surprisingly spacious for the amount of garbage it can store. There's even a bag dispenser built in that allows you to quickly and easily change the bags without having to search your kitchen for more.

It costs $200. Yes, it's $200. Many people who read this will probably be rolling their eyes at me, but I don’t care. This trash can is the most well-designed I have ever seen. The convenience, organization and style it provides is worth the high price.

A 10-year warranty is also included with the trash can. You are covered if the pedal fails due to normal household use, for example. The company will arrange for a repair or replacement of the damaged part. Register the can at Simplehuman.

It's the best purchase I have made so far for my home this year. I didn't think I would spend more than $50, let alone $200, on a trashcan.

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