Thailand reopens to vaccinated tourists today under new 'Test-and-Go' plan

Officials have significantly relaxed border restrictions and Thailand is now open to tourists who have been vaccinated from 63 countries.
The Thai government approved almost quarantine-free entry for tourists from 63 countries in advance of the peak season. This is under the so-called "Test-and-Go" tourism plan. New plans require that all tourists arriving from 63 countries have COVID-19 coverage of at least US$50,000 (36,000) and can show proof of negative COVID-19PCR tests before they travel to Thailand.

A second COVID-19 testing must be completed upon arrival. Tourists will need to spend the first night in Thailand quarantining at an approved government facility while they wait for their results. (CoVID-19 results can take up to 24 hours). Tourists will still be able to travel and move around Thailand as if they have received a negative result.

Tourists can travel freely around Thailand if they are negative for COVID-19. Getty Images

Download the MorChana App for travelers. This will remind them to take an antigen test during day six or seven of their trip. Each traveler will receive the test at check-out of their hotel on their first night. The exemption for travelers younger than 12 years old is not applicable, but they will need to be tested.

According to the Thailand tourism board, some of the 63 countries that have been approved to travel to Thailand under the Test and Go plan are the United States, Canada, Ireland and Germany.

Thailand's new entry rules. Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Travelers who are not fully vaccinated or unvaccinated must undergo 14 days quarantine before they can travel to Thailand. Before traveling to Thailand, all travelers must apply for the Thailand Pass.

Thai Airways will resume service to 36 destinations this winter in anticipation of tourists returning to Thailand. From November, airlines including Etihad, KLM and Qatar Airways fly from the US to Thailand. They usually stop at one destination.

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According to the Thai Embassy in America, approximately 44% of Thailand’s 70 million population are currently fully vaccinated. Officials plan to increase the vaccination program in the coming weeks.

Thailand FilippoBacci/Getty Images is open for restaurants, bars, and cultural attractions