Steve Buscemi dresses up as his own meme, immediately wins Halloween

Steve Buscemi has an IMDb page that features the likes Fargo, Ghost World and Reservoir Dogs. He is an icon in pop culture.
He elevated his status to greater heights on Sunday.

Do you remember the "How do ya do, kids?"? GIF of Buscemi, taken from the 30 Rock episode. The actor appears as Leny Wosniak. A private detective recalls the time he attempted to disguise himself as a high-school student.

GIF is now a well-known meme on the internet. It's a shorthand for when someone tries to act younger than they actually are.

Buscemi was a hard-core Halloween participant.

Buscemi, you do amazing work. Credit: Stella Wexler Rush

Stella Wexler Rush took the photo while she was trick-or-treating in Brooklyn. Debra Wexler shared it on Twitter. Another image of Buscemi went viral on Twitter.

Elvis Costello, a singer and songwriter who Buscemi has previously seen on Halloween, joined the actor.

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Let's not forget to watch that classic scene again...