Best lightsabers 2021: Toys, replicas, and props

Star Wars fans of all ages feel compelled to purchase one of the most iconic lightsabers in the galaxy. However, there are many things you should consider before making a purchase. Many of us will fondly recall our first plastic toy. However, some lightsabers are best used as display props. They are not suitable for dancing in the yard or smacking trees with.
Many of us have grown up with the original trilogy and the prequel movies, so a market has emerged for replicas and accessories for roleplay. Many of the most powerful lightsabers can be used in combat, while others can be displayed on a wall or placed in a cabinet.

This doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of lightsabers for children, whether they be Jedis or Sith Lords. Star Wars has had a long-standing partnership established with Hasbro. Hasbro is one of the most trusted and well-known manufacturers of toys in the 1960s. Officially licensed Star Wars merchandise was made available by Disney retail stores around the globe since 2012 when the media giant Disney bought the rights to the sci fi epic.

Disney went beyond selling toys sabers at its parks shops. You can visit the Galaxys Edge area at Disney World Orlando to create your own plasma blade from scratch. Although this interactive experience is expensive and costs $219 plus tax, you will get your lightsaber and you can keep it.

You will pay a lot more for plastic toys and extending toys than you would for custom-built builds. We have compiled a list of our top replicas, kits and unofficial swords to help you find them.

You can combine one of these incredible lightsabers with one of the most iconic Star Wars costumes, and you'll be ready to embark on your own galactic adventure.

Official lightsabers

1. Galaxys Edge Darth Vader Legacy Lightsaber

(Image credit: Disney)

Recommended age: 8+ : Yes, 3x AAA Visit Site Disney branding Incredible sound effects Stylish display box Hilt, blade sold separately

The Darth Vader lightsaber is without a doubt the most famous. This Legacy edition model can be used in conjunction with a Galaxy's Edge lightsaber blade.

Anyone outside the US will find it a problem that the blade is not included with the hilt. If you prefer to display the blade in its full glory rather than neatly on its display box, you can buy them second-hand at sites like eBay.

This is a replica lightsaber that has been officially licensed and it's a far superior product to the plastic toys you can find in the Walmart toy aisle. Although it is best displayed as a prop, it has great light and sound effects. It also comes with an age rating of 8+. This makes it ideal for both kids and adults who want to swing around.

2. The Black Series Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber

(Image credit: Disney)

Recommended age: 14+ : Yes, 3x AAA Visit Site Robustly constructed Full sound and light effects Full-sized toy

The lightsaber of Luke Skywalker is well-known throughout the franchise. It was not only the first lightsaber to appear on screen, but also belonged to the protagonist of the original trilogy. The Black Series range is designed by Hasbro and offers a more exact replica of the props on screen. It can also be used in duels as it is officially branded as a toy for children.

This will show lighting and sound effects when the surface is impacted. While this is not what most enthusiasts would consider dueling quality, it allows you to smack it around and not worry about taking any photos.

It is not cheap so collectors will keep it as a display prop.

3. The Black Series Supreme Leader Kylo Renforce FX Elite Lightsaber

(Image credit: Disney)

Recommended age: 18+ : Yes, 3x AAA Visit Site Amazing interactive effects Accurate proportions Weird Age recommendation

The Star Wars sequel trilogy brought a new generation of Star Wars characters and a new villain, Kylo Ren. The movies feature his iconic lightsaber, which is medieval-inspired. It has crackling sound effects that represent the unstable Kyber crystal within. This prop toy perfectly reproduces the effect.

You get 80 LEDs for bright lighting and a metal hilt. Also, you can switch between Battle FX and Molten FX so that the blade melts the surface when it is pressed against a surface. This was as Kylo did in the franchise.

If you wish to display this on a desk or other surface, the collectors stand is included in the box. However, it can be thrown around as long as it's not damaged. This version of the Supreme Leaders lightsaber, aside from small-batch copies that are extremely costly, is one of the most highly licensed on the market.

4. Hasbro Darth Vader FX Lightsaber

(Image credit: Disney / Hasbro)

Recommended age: 14+ : Yes, 3x AAA Visit Site Color changing Not great for dueling Difficulty to change the batteries

This 2-in-1 Hasbro product is great for Anakin Skywalker fans. It has a fun feature that switches between red and blue to show the transition to the dark side. Although it's intended to be a toy first, and a replica second, it can withstand some swinging and smacking on soft surfaces, so it's not ideal for roleplaying.

It is not a perfect replica of Anakins lightsaber, so it's not a great choice for collectors. It is great for fans who are just starting to appreciate the series. The LED lights look amazing when mounted against a wall, or as part of a Halloween costume or cosplay.

Although the batteries can be difficult to change, the price is still very reasonable for a licensed copy of this quality.

5. Galaxys Edge Rey Skywalker Legacy Lightsaber

(Image credit: Disney)

Recommended age: 8+ : Yes, 3x AAA Visit site Official Disney branding Incredible sound effects Stylish display box Hilt only, blade sold separately

Another win for Legacy replicas made by Disney, Rey Skywalkers lightsaber blade hilt has been faithfully reproduced using a mixture of metal and plastic. It is now ready to be displayed at home. This can be used to make a replica of the Galaxys Edge blades (which are not sold with one), to bring the bright yellow LEDs to life.

The display case doubles as storage. We are afraid that anyone would store something so beautiful in a box. Although it isn't strong enough to fight with, swinging the case around will produce film-realistic sound effects that you can use to make yourself the hero of the sequel movies.

Reys' blade is also available in other Legacy models, but these are variants of Luke and Leias lightsabers. This is instead the model Rey made using a yellow Kyber crystal (hence, the yellow LEDs). It is also the last lightsaber to be seen in the Skywalker movies.

The best toy lightsabers

1. Hasbro Bladebuilders Kylo Ren Lightsaber

(Image credit: Disney / Hasbro)

Recommended age: 4+ : Yes. 2x AAA (included). Visit Site Robust replica, great for dueling Fun sounds, light effects

Although it is not easy for everyone to visit Galaxys Edge and build their lightsabers, there are simpler and more affordable options available for those with smaller budgets. Bladebuilders from Hasbro lets you swap out different parts to create a custom toy that can be used with other models in the series. This toy is inspired by Kylo Ren's sword from the sequel trilogy. It simulates the classic sound and light effects of the films when it is moved around.

This is not like the replicas for collectors. It is intended to be worn as part of a Halloween costume, or used in play fighting. The blade extends out from the red plastic, which pops up to expose the blade. It also has a unique texture that looks like the cracked and distorted plasma on the screen.

2. Hasbro Mandalorian Darksaber

(Image credit: Disney / Hasbro)

Recommended age: 4+ : Yes, 3x AAA (included). Visit Site Unique design Solid, non-extendable blade Could prove more durable Light effects are not very strong

The Star Wars movies are not the only Star Wars media that has captured our hearts. The Emmy-winning Clone Wars series, which won an Emmy award for best animated series, is also a popular choice. (Check out our list with the top Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes). The Darksaber was first featured in the animated series. It has been featured in The Mandalorian (a live-action series on Disney+), since then. This blade is a well-known and iconic lightsaber for Star Wars fans.

It is suitable for children aged 4+. You get all the sound and light effects of swinging the toy around, but it isn't as bright or as standard designs. It can still withstand light dueling and is suitable for use as a costume accessory or toy or decorative prop.

3. Official Disney Yoda Lightsaber

(Image credit: Disney)

Recommended age: 3+ : 3x AA Visit Site Solid, nonextendable blade Hilt may be worn separately. Not very detailed. Not particularly bright

It can be difficult for non-fans to identify which lightsabers belong where. However, if you're buying for a small child this could prove to be more of a blessing than a problem. This officially licensed Disney lightsaber was designed after Yodas blade. However, it is perfect for children who simply want to have fun with a familiar lightsaber. This model is easily found in Disney stores as well as on Amazon.

Although it doesn't have the pop-up design that other toys lightsabers use, it provides a bit more structure to be inevitably wacked against things. You also get some decent sound effects while the blade is moving.

Although it is not perfect, the lights are dull and it's not the best to use as a collector's replica. However, this toy is affordable and your children will love it.

4. Hasbro Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber

(Image credit: Disney / Hasbro)

Recommended age: 4+ 6x AAA (included). Visit Site Customizable fun Interchangeable to other Bladebuilders toys. Parts may go missing

Star Wars legends tell us that each lightsaber is unique to its owner. While the idea of creating your own lightsaber at Disney World is a wonderful experience, it can also be quite expensive. The Jedi Master Bladebuilders Lightsaber is a cheaper option. This kit allows you to switch between different styles of hilt and blade angles, making it a fully-playable toy.

Although it is still a bit pricey for kids toys, the small parts can become lost if not properly cared for. These lightsabers can be combined with other Bladebuilders lightsabers, which allows for a wide range of customization.

The lightsaber is tough for a modular toy and can withstand a lot of abuse. You also get movie-accurate sound effects and light effects that will make for unforgettable battle moments. This lightsaber requires six batteries to operate, which is more than the average model.

5. Official Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber Rey

(Image credit: Disney)

Recommended age: 4+ : Yes, x3 AAA Visit Site Rey Phrases Free Jedi Training Videos No Off button for Rey voice

It is refreshing to see action toys with female voice lines. The official Disney lightsaber was modeled after the one Rey used in the sequel trilogy. You can also hear the phrases that the young heroine uses throughout the movie.

It looks a lot like other popular blades, such as Anakin Skywalkers and Luke Skywalkers. However, you should not use it as a costume prop. If you wish to use the sound and light effects, you will have to learn the character phrases.

This toy is still a great choice for young girls who love the trilogy and can be paired with costumes. You can also scan the QR code at the hilt to get free Jedi training videos that will help you with your combat and swing styles.

Best unofficial lightsabers

1. Sabertrio - Best unofficial lightsaber

(Image credit: Sabertrio)

Recommended age: 14+ Prices vary depending on the model. Visit our site for a great selection and fast shipping. Popularity can cause stock issues.

Custom lightsabers are a vast market that is expensive and a world apart from the toys we've seen here. Due to licensing, it is unlikely that you will find many exact replicas. However, if you are looking for the best, most professionally-made blades, the following companies are your best bet.

Sabertrio is the top choice due to its rave reviews and amazing build quality. Custom lightsabers can be quite expensive, but they have many configurable options that can make it seem more affordable than other offerings. Sabertrio lightsabers have a lot of appeal, from combat-ready stunt sabers and neopixels that can load your own audio effects.

However, this can lead to problems. To get one, you will need to be aware of stock drops. The store sells out almost as fast as new inventory.

2. Vaders Vault

(Image credit to Vader's Vault).

Recommended age: 14+ It all depends on the mode. Visit Site Amazing build quality. No instructions. Long wait time

Vaders Vault, a US-based custom lightsaber maker, uses premium components. It's no surprise that these blades are more like movie props than toys. These custom sabers can be used for roleplaying (or simply fun), just like many other custom sabers. Although the lower-end products can be quite affordable, limited editions of these products can easily cost more than $2,000+. This is far more than most people will ever pay.

Customers have reported waiting up to six months for their lightsabers. The product does not include instructions. However, there is an active online Vaders Vault community that can help you.

3. Saberforge

(Image credit: Saberforge)

Recommended age: 14+ Visit Site: Built-in, rechargeable

If you're looking for a way to customize your lightsaber, or build one from scratch, Saberforge is the best option. It is easy to navigate the website and find parts easily. These parts are also quite affordable compared to other offerings. However, you might be surprised by the fact that some parts like hilts or blades are sold separately.

With axe-style blades and straight tubes available, you can inject personality into your lightsaber. You can also save money by choosing a standard infinity over a threaded Neopixel tube.

There are some complaints about the customer service, but Saberforge has beautiful hilt designs that you can make from scratch.

4. Ultra Sabers

(Image credit: Ultra Sabers)

Recommended age: 14+ Ultra Sabers Price: From $60

Ultra Sabers, another popular affordable option, allow you to customize your lightsaber according to your budget. These stunt sabers start at $60. However, they won't include any sound or reactive lighting and will only come with a single color blade.

Ultra Sabers are highly respected in the dueling community. The lightsabers can take a beating during fights. This, combined with the low price, makes them an excellent choice for roleplaying and LARPing.

Ultra Sabers' website makes it easier to create custom orders than on other manufacturers. To keep costs down, handcrafted products are not available.

5. Bendu Armory

(Image credit: Bendu Armory)

Recommended age: 14+ Rechargeable Visit Site Staff Options Great build quality Carbon fibre hilt Websites can be confusing

Bendu Armory gained popularity after creating the first carbon fiber hilts available on the market. These hilts were praised for being lighter than aluminum and more durable than those made by other manufacturers. They are also one of the most affordable options for those looking to buy their first lightsaber.

Bendu has also developed a quick swap chassis that allows you to quickly swap out the lightsaber's hilt shell without any tools. People looking for something other than the traditional sword-inspired design can have staff options for the hilts.

For newcomers, the website can be confusing. The configuration options for building your custom saber offer very little information beyond the extra costs. So make sure to brush up on your lightsaber knowledge by joining forums before you buy.

What is the controlling factor for a lightsaber's colour?

Star Wars lightsabers are plasma-energy swords that can cut through almost anything. However, the real-world versions of lightsabers are much safer to use. The color of a lightsaber's blade is determined by the kyber crystal it powers, but can also change according to its user's thoughts. Lightsabers can be used by anyone, so it is easy to distinguish between Yodas and Darth Vader's respective blades.