Tip Jars May Be Coming to TikTok

TikTok hopes to make it easier to make money from videos, many of which require a lot time and effort.

TikTok confirmed that the feature was authentic to TechCrunch. The feature was discovered by TikToker earlier in this week. TikTok informed the outlet that the feature is currently being tested and is not available widely.

TikTokers must be at least 100,000 followers to be eligible to receive tips. They also need to follow the platform's community guidelines and agree to the Tip Terms.

All tips received during the limited test will be given to creators. TikTok takes no cut. Twitter launched its tip jar feature in May. It does not take any tips from its users. However, it clarifies that tips made through third-party payment service providers may result in fees.

TikTok allows viewers to fund your creativity by sending you money. TikTok shares a screen explaining the feature with jera.bean. TikTok will not receive any money, but tips will be sent directly to you.

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However, this does not mean that the company will not take a cut of tips in the future. The fact that Twitter does not take a percentage of tips might make it less popular.

TechCrunch reports that TikTokers who have been approved for the test will receive a Tips button to their profiles. This allows their followers to click on it to send them money.


TikToks tipjar is one way its creators can make money on the platform if it lasts. You can also send virtual gifts to them during live streams that they can redeem for money.

The Creator Fund was also launched by TikTok last year. It will provide more than $1Billion in funding for U.S. creators over the next three-years and more than twice that amount globally, according to the company. The number of views, authenticity, engagement levels and compliance with TikToks terms and conditions are all factors that determine how much money is distributed.


Some TikTokers claim that the Creator Fund does not provide enough money to cover their bills. Insider was told by a TikToker who has 1.6 million followers that his account earns between $9 and $38 per day. The creator made $ 1,664 between January 2021 and May 2021.

I'm a TikTok lover and support creators having more money opportunities. Many of them are very hardworking and willing to help me learn how to cook, fold laundry or laugh. It is absurd to think that TikTok can make millions from the content they share, while those who create it make pennies. It's just unjust.